How to make your own baseball card

Picture of how to make your own baseball card

I've been making these since paper,scissors, pen, crayons (if you want)

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Step 1: Dividing cards

Picture of dividing cards

first, draw a line to show where you're gonna cut. then, cut the line off with scissors.

Step 2: Names

Picture of names

make up 4 random last names and pick one that you're gonna use. then,pick a boy's name. write both on the card.

Step 3: Teams

Picture of teams

pick a major league baseball team and put it on the card.(like the padres)

Step 4: Pictures

Picture of pictures

draw a picture of fielding,batting or pitching on the card.

Step 5: Positions

Picture of positions

write a position on the back of the card.

Step 6: Card number

Picture of card number

write a random positive number on the back of the card.

I'll be making more, so have fun with my instructibles!

trimblej2 months ago
I love the creativity. Keep up the good work!
Skadoosh324 (author)  trimblej1 month ago