it is a easy way to make your pet

things you need to make your own pet:
1.chart paper [size-18cm]

Step 1: Step-1

1.take the chart and fold it .
2.take one side of the folded chart and again fold it and draw lines on the one side of it leaving 1cm gap.
3.cut the chart according to the lines drawn
4.it will come like stripes of lines
5.cut the stripes horizontally leaving the alternative ones

Step 2: Step-2

1.open the folded side of the chart which we had alternatively.
2.on the other side draw a parrot or any other bird sitting in a branch or something in the middle and colour it on both sides.
3.cut the extra chart on that side.

Step 3: Step-3

1.now fold the chart into a cylindrical shape and put stapler pins.
2.slightly fold in the top of the chart where the parrot is drawn and put it in the cylindrically folded chart.
3.now your own pet is ready.
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Nice! This must be a popular Instructable if gmjhowe commented on it! 5 stars!
Haha, that's cool.
wow, how meny other instrutables
Cute and it doesn't poop! Sounds like the perfect pet to me. Don't worry about any harsh comments. Some people just need something to do, but most is actually constructive. Either way, don't let it stop you from producing good work.
thanks very much
Nice work! i love the little cartoon bird!
thanks very much .how did you see my instructable?

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