How to Make Your Own Stitch Holder


Introduction: How to Make Your Own Stitch Holder

one of knitting accecories is stitch holder. this is how it look like.

Step 1: Another Kind of Stitch Holder

if i buy it at one of online shop it cost 26.500 or approximately 3 USD for three size and one for each size. the stitch holder can be replace with safety pin. and beautiful safety pin brooch which is now becoming trend in indonesia. it look like this.

Step 2: The First Step

but you can make it by yourself with paper clips no. 5 kenko jumbo size. one box only cost 3000 rupiahs. and you can make soooooo many stitch holder. with it.

Step 3: Unravel the Clip

unravel it. make it like this

Step 4: Make It Straight

make it straight like this

Step 5: Fold One of the Clip Point. Make Triangle Fold

fold one of the clip point. make triangle fold like this

Step 6: Fold Another Point Until It Reach the Triangle Fold

fold another point until it reach the triangle fold like this

Step 7: Hurray! the Stitch Holder Is Done

now you can make it as the stitch holder



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    Brilliant Idea. I use these pins for all sorts of crafts and have also made the broaches you mention. I'm definitly going to try this.

    Now this is a neat idea! I already have a bunch of ideas for this, as I'm a crocheter! Thanks!