Step 4: Attaching the stakes

Picture of attaching the stakes
take the stakes and put them in the holes (thats what she said) and pour a little super glue into the crack (thats what she said) and let it dry for a couple minutes. once its dry take some more glue that is super thick (i used liquid nails) aand put it all around the base of the stake (between the crack and stake(thats what she said)) and let it dry overnight.
Atlas225 years ago

looks like a dangerous wepon (thats what she said)

MteamyMcHotsauce (author)  Atlas225 years ago
 good one but some tips keep it in your room by your bed so you have it ready (thats what she said) when a stranger tries to break in or your sister has a bad new boyfriend just sit by them while they talk keep a straight face and hold it in your lap it works like a charm