Step 2: here is are the tools.

1. paper
2. sizzor if necessary
4. your phone.
I would suggest, make the edges cleaner and pre cut the holes with a paper punch. Or why not just stick a huge beyblade sticker on the back? maybe pegasus. You can leave it the way it is (if you want to make a statement) its good.
he illshreell i didn't know you were from India. o check my YouTube out
yes, Indian :) i dont see you in youtube, i saw a dsdarkstar3. is that you? what's your id?
Oh yea and the kids in my area are crazy over their beyblades, their stadiums, fights and their pegasus. :D
The thing what you did is just a joke, Isn't it?
it's not a joke. look at his title "loves to do beyblading" he is a kid! I think it's great! Nice job kid :)

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