Picture of how to make your smartphone as spy camera

this insrtuctable wil help you to spy without spending anything with your daily used things.

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Step 1: Components

Picture of Components

1. Smart phone


3.Wifi Router

Step 2: IP webcam

Picture of IP webcam

download ip webcamera app from google playstore...

Step 3: Configuring

Picture of Configuring
  • connect both laptop and phone with wifi.
  • launch the app.
  • select start server option.
  • there is a url at the bottom of screen.
  • type that url as it is in the browser.

place the smat phone any where you want spy n enjoy....

ooops * spyyyy

iWhyTry11 months ago
Does it only work with android? Or can Apple devices also get the app?
ism_syed (author)  iWhyTry11 months ago

i think pro hdcam or something like that is the name for app for apple..

Jkbrick12 months ago
Took me a little while to figure out what's going on, but actually a pretty cool thing.