Introduction: How to Make Your Tablet/phone Screen Cleaner

How to prevent your screen from getting dirty.How to clean your screen.

Step 1: How to Clean Your Screen

You will need a wet rag and a dry rag.

Step 2: Clean Screen

Put some soap in the wet rag and scrub your screen gently then wipe it off with the dry rag.

Step 3: Prevent

If you use a stylus like me then make sure you clean it before using it and if you use your fingers then clean then before touching your screen.


CreativityIsContagious (author)2015-01-18

Oh sorry I did it too fast it was meant to say soap thank you for noticing it!I will be sure to change it!

chloecatkins (author)2015-01-11

What is "smap?" I Googled it and nothing that might possibly relate to this subject was shown. Thank you. C

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