How to Mod Nerf Darts

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Introduction: How to Mod Nerf Darts

ok, this is an instrucable telling you how to to mod nerf darts.

after about 175 bullets fired you will have to powder them again.

the powder( you will need) will increase the range, and power

Step 1: Gather Things

simple get powder, napkins and a nerf dart(s)

Step 2: Mod the Darts!

put the darts on a sturdy surface with napkins and pour the powder on the darts. SIMPLE

Step 3: DONE!!!!!!!

HAVE FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    Take a close look at Nerf darts (esp Elite) - you will see the surface is smooth, coated with a smooth film. This smooth coating reduces friction in the boltsled-dart channel (esp in manual blasters). The dart is picked up easily & placed close to the AR area. When this smooth surface wears out after repeated use, the darts may not be placed close enough or gets stuck in between. Nerf keeps its production method secret so we don't know what this lubricant it uses. Using powder helps improve the dart in the same respect but needs repeated application after several uses.

    Guys THIS REALLY works my longshot actually fires straight with these powdered dart

    How does this help??????

    how exactly does this improve anything?

    where to buy that nerf sniper?i realllllllllyyyyyyy want to buy it!

    target or ebay. no mod-it isnt really good it comes out short

    Target, or the Hasbro website. It's called the Longshot CS-6.

    sounds cool.i'll reply once i try

    Hey does this mod work(make them fly further/ leave white marks on target) for Stephans?

    i tested this with my nerf rapid fire 20 and the powerderd one had tons of speed and power much more than the non powdered one but i tried the test again without repowdering and there was nothing left(powder)so they went the same any help to get your garrantyed 175 shots would be appreciated