How to Mod the Recon Cs-6





Introduction: How to Mod the Recon Cs-6

this will show you how to mod the cs-6

take the cs-6 crappy "scope" and make it into a bad ass reconnaissance light

you will need:
nerf cs-6
a flashlight (yellow)
a hot glue gun
"scope" for cs-6
and about 30 minutes

Step 1: Prep Work

ok take the "scope"and snap off the top

(just push it forward)

throw the top away

Step 2: It's Glue Time

now that you finished prep work it's time to finish up

take the piece that you didn't throw away and glue it to the top be careful

to make sure that the switch is facing up so you can reach it

Step 3: Finished

now that you finished you can go do some reconnaissance

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    hey the first pic is fine

    oh quick tip switch the red LED with a 5mm (3/4) High intensity Amber LED :)

    why not use the red one built into the aimer light

    6 replies

    Yeah, plus red is better for nightime missions. Dosen't mess up your night vision so much, and is less detectable.

    Amber's better I find, and Amber is less detectable then red :) I've done some tests I would post the pictures but I don't have them anymore >_>

    is that gun without moding it a good 1..

    No. The range is terrible. Unless you only play indoor wars, you won't like it too much.

    I painted mine black with a touch of grey in places for a camo look.. then i got the crappy light/cruddy laser and put a REAL laser in.. still using the original laser model.. i just took it apart.. took the light out... cut the excess platic out so the laser would fit.. then i duct taped around the head of the laser so it has a snug fit in the laser holder thingy.. and now your gun has a badass laser on it thats NOT made in china...

    1 reply

    what's the name of the Laser you used? oh and just so you know (not being rude just informing the un-informed) the "Stock Laser" in the Tac-light is called an LED :)

    Good plan, but much more fun and effective way to do this is to take the light that comes with it, open it up and sauter their crap light off their circuitboard and replace it with the bulb from the flashlight. if the lense for the light doesn't work with your flashlight's bulb, replace the lense with the one from the flashlight and you have a lightweight, upgraded light that looks and fits just like the original nerf light.

    3 replies

    I was just thinking that.

    Does anyone know how to make the butt any less flimsy?

    I think uin13 made a mod for that. he just took some tubes and but them inbetween the gaps.

    oh you could use the light that came with it

    cool mod but check my mod MAVREV13'S AR15 Armorlite is its name. also will it get a paint job

    stupid mod makes it heavy when you could just use the laser