Picture of how to mod the recon cs-6
coolpix pictures 042.jpg
coolpix pictures 047.jpg
coolpix pictures 049.jpg
this will show you how to mod the cs-6

take the cs-6 crappy "scope" and make it into a bad ass reconnaissance light

you will need:
nerf cs-6
a flashlight (yellow)
a hot glue gun
"scope" for cs-6
and about 30 minutes
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Step 1: Prep work

Picture of prep work
coolpix pictures 043.jpg
coolpix pictures 045.jpg
coolpix pictures 046.jpg
ok take the "scope"and snap off the top

(just push it forward)

throw the top away

Step 2: It's glue time

Picture of it's glue time
coolpix pictures 049.jpg
now that you finished prep work it's time to finish up

take the piece that you didn't throw away and glue it to the top be careful

to make sure that the switch is facing up so you can reach it

Step 3: Finished

now that you finished you can go do some reconnaissance

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mr.guy6 years ago
i made a reflex scope outta mine and im gunna cut the front sight off so then i can mod it into a m4 carbine styled front sight MAN SO FAR IT LOOKS SO SWEET!!!!!!!
tee hee
lawlipop6 years ago
I did it, but i didn't use hot glue, just normal glue. I also cut off the top part of the sight after I push the thingy, since my flashlight wouldn't fit.
G7s66 years ago
I've done the same, except i used som cheap lenses to make a sniper's zoom scope (no pics srry)