How to Obtain Garrys Mod!





Introduction: How to Obtain Garrys Mod!

you may have heard of gmod but have been confused about how to get it here to help! after trying to seek help from somone to help me get gmod after seeing it on a youtube video, no one responded and i had to find it on my own :( so i am going to make an instructable on how to get the great game gmod!

Step 1: Visit and Download Steam

1.first visit and click on get steam now!... click on free download...

3.fill in all your details and once you have joined go back to thier home.

Step 2: Now Download Gmod!

1.type in garrys mod into the search box... click on COUNTER STRIKE:SOURCE + GARRY'S MOD this will save you loads of time and having to download them seperatley, unless you already have counterstrike or half life or want to play counterstrike or half life... will now see them both on a kind of "checkout" which will add up the prices of both games(you save money if you buy both games together!) now click purchase and fill out your details (you really have to be a fool if you need a to be instructed how to do that!)

Step 3: Find and Install Gmod

now you have paid for your games and you need to install them oviously.

1.go to youre desktop and you will see a steam shortcut click on this and it then go to the tab that says MY GAMES this will show you the games you have bought! YAY! nearly done :D click on this. are youre games (note: mine are already installed when you look here you just need to highlight the game you want to install first then click install).

the games take 30mins to 1hour each to install varying on the speed of your pc/laptop/mac and the amount of disk space you have left, i have a laptop with vista and intel dual core-and took me 45mins to install each.

Step 4: Nearly Finished!

now go to you're desktop and click on garrys mod, you will also see counterstrike source which is very fun to play. on garrys mod!

Step 5: Finished!

now you should give youreself some time to get to know how the game works and how to use the tools,materials etc etc it is confusing at first but then you get used to it

if i can get enough people playing i will post more instructables on how to download and install addons,mods and vehicles addons is one of the many reasons why gmod is my second favorite game :D

if you need any help with gmod or you want me to break down a step or explain somthing in more detail just comment and il do my best to put things right have fun playing and once again if you need any help, just comment :)




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