Picture of how to obtain garrys mod!
you may have heard of gmod but have been confused about how to get it here to help! after trying to seek help from somone to help me get gmod after seeing it on a youtube video, no one responded and i had to find it on my own :( so i am going to make an instructable on how to get the great game gmod!

Step 2: Now download gmod!

1.type in garrys mod into the search box... click on COUNTER STRIKE:SOURCE + GARRY'S MOD this will save you loads of time and having to download them seperatley, unless you already have counterstrike or half life or want to play counterstrike or half life... will now see them both on a kind of "checkout" which will add up the prices of both games(you save money if you buy both games together!) now click purchase and fill out your details (you really have to be a fool if you need a to be instructed how to do that!)

Step 3: Find and install gmod

now you have paid for your games and you need to install them oviously.

1.go to youre desktop and you will see a steam shortcut click on this and it then go to the tab that says MY GAMES this will show you the games you have bought! YAY! nearly done :D click on this. are youre games (note: mine are already installed when you look here you just need to highlight the game you want to install first then click install).

the games take 30mins to 1hour each to install varying on the speed of your pc/laptop/mac and the amount of disk space you have left, i have a laptop with vista and intel dual core-and took me 45mins to install each.

Step 4: Nearly finished!

now go to you're desktop and click on garrys mod, you will also see counterstrike source which is very fun to play. on garrys mod!

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vov352 years ago
man, I haven't played gmod in like a month. ...sounds like the start of another month-long gmod addiction.
jbahr2 years ago
Does it work on a mac?
I only have Tf2, and I only want Gmod NOT DOD, HL, or CS. Can I still get it?
zupazora5 years ago
ive got a very good question about gmod 10! why arent they selling it in stores! i cant get it online!!!
Garry (The developer of G-Mod) said that he didnt release it in consoles and stuff like that because ITS JUST A MOD
bedbugg2 (author)  zupazora5 years ago
Im not really sure why they're not, i dont think that steam is that much of a large company to make their own games and sell them on disks. I dont know about the visa gift cards lol, where did you hear that from?
hmm... i think ive heard it from someone while searching google... and ive bought CS:S with hl2 deathmatch and DoD source in eb games...
if you need a source engine i have a extra hl2 dm if u need it steam me at phillj23
i need source engine but i can't find you on steam
bedbugg2 (author)  zupazora5 years ago
really? i must have been wrong then, i also did hear from a friend that they had bought their counterstrike from a gamestore.
instead of visa gift cards that (problably and only) sell in the U.S. i got a master gift card (for mastercard) so i got it online,. u can get those in shoppers drug mart!
steam is the online game distributor from valve, the game developer, orange box, counter strike, half life, team fortres, portal, left 4 deaad
steam makes their own games and sells it, valve is steam, some of the stuff they have done consist of Team Fortress, Team Fortress 2, Half Life, Half Life 2, Half Life 2 episode 1, Half Life 2 episode 2, Left 4 Dead, etc...
jsmith1973 years ago
How to install Garry's Mod 9 for free:

1. Install Steam & make account:
2. In Steam go to View>Tools & install Source SDK Base 2006 & 2007
3. Go to Steam>Exit to exit Steam.
4. Download & Install Gmod 9.04:
5. Open Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\gmod9\gameinfo.txt & change SteamAppId 220 to 215 & save. Load Steam, go to View>Games List and click Gmod to play.
6. Many free Gmod addons at

More free Steam games here:
Dont work i can find the map at step 5. and change it i dont think anything has gone wrong but i still need to buy it can u help me?
How do I do step 5? I mean how am I supposed to get to steam app? PM me on youtube if possible, my account name is hideNghillie on youtube, and if you can't do that, then juse msg me on here.
jlindsay33 years ago
go here you can get it free esayer
Aivilo3 years ago
My question:
I have NO Valve games for the PC (I do for XBOX but that won't help XD) but I want Gmod. I would like to use all the characters and such from Half Life. If I get GMod plus the Source game Counterstrike, will I be able to use characters like Lamar and Alyx in Gmod? Or will I be limited to Counterstrike characters? Please help~
I dont know if you'll be able to play as Alyx straight away, but you can download character models, for example I play as link. But if I remember correctly Lamar is the head crab in that guys lab? Well I've never seen a guy play as just the headcrab, only the zombies
cantrell83 years ago
Do you have to buy counter strike or half life to play Garry's mod or can I just buy and play it.
Whatever game(s) you buy for it must run on the Source engine. Half-Life 2 and its Episodes, Counter-Strike Source, Day of Defeat Source, Team Fortress 2, and Portal count. Steam has a full list somewhere as a Help/Support page.
ok thanks
plz someone tell me is it safe? because they dont have a safe lock on the site(wich costs them money) when you give them your visa details, can they hack you and steal your money out your bankaccount or is it 1 in 100000000 to get money stolen from your bank aCCOUNT PLZ REPLY ANY1 URGENT!!!!!!!!!
dude lots of people buy from them if it was a money scam y dident the cops hack them plus can u explaine y i got counterstrike from it
bedbugg2 (author)  boyakaboyaka5 years ago
it is very very safe...nothing has happened to me yet!
how long have you had it for?
bedbugg2 (author)  boyakaboyaka5 years ago
about a year and a half
yea they are safe, my mate has bought like 50 games of there...
They are the largest online game distribution company in the world, I've been with them for years and I know they're safe.
Aivilo3 years ago
Okay, one more question. If GMod 9 is free and GMod 10 has tools like Door and Keypad and such, what is this? It's not GMod 9 for it costs $10 but it's not 10 because it doesn't have all the tools. So is this GMod 9.5 or what?
Aivilo3 years ago
Okay, one more question. If GMod 9 is free and GMod 10 has tools like Door and Keypad and such, what is this? It's not GMod 9 for it costs $10 but it's not 10 because it doesn't have all the tools. So is this GMod 9.5 or what?
W00T! Titan quest ad in the first step! I love that game!
you play that game?
me too what lvl are you i'm a assasin lvl56
clubking4 years ago
I have noooo clue how to download gmod 9 :-[?????????????
Here is what you do. Have you PURCHASED a source game? 

If not, get one.

Once you have a source game, go to the tools tab on steam.

Download all of the things that say:
Source SDK Base

Google: GMOD 9.0.4c
Download it, install it, restart steam.
There you go, it is in your games list.

Let me tell you, after playing both, Garrysmod 9 is literally just a demo
to get it LEGALY you have to download steam at and then buy ALLMOST ANY source game (cheapest is half life 2 deathmatch i believe, which is $4.99) and then you have to buy gmod, which is $10. there you go this instructable in 1 run on sentence.
bandan114 years ago
I need source engine plz help
yayapplemac5 years ago
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