Step 3: Find and install gmod

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now you have paid for your games and you need to install them oviously.

1.go to youre desktop and you will see a steam shortcut click on this and it then go to the tab that says MY GAMES this will show you the games you have bought! YAY! nearly done :D click on this.

2.here are youre games (note: mine are already installed when you look here you just need to highlight the game you want to install first then click install).

the games take 30mins to 1hour each to install varying on the speed of your pc/laptop/mac and the amount of disk space you have left, i have a laptop with vista and intel dual core-and took me 45mins to install each.

DennisN16 months ago

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plz someone tell me is it safe? because they dont have a safe lock on the site(wich costs them money) when you give them your visa details, can they hack you and steal your money out your bankaccount or is it 1 in 100000000 to get money stolen from your bank aCCOUNT PLZ REPLY ANY1 URGENT!!!!!!!!!
dude lots of people buy from them if it was a money scam y dident the cops hack them plus can u explaine y i got counterstrike from it
bedbugg2 (author)  boyakaboyaka6 years ago
it is very very safe...nothing has happened to me yet!
how long have you had it for?
bedbugg2 (author)  boyakaboyaka6 years ago
about a year and a half
crash7705 years ago
if i buy this alone and i already have the source SDK (left 4 dead 1+2) am i missing out on anything
bedbugg2 (author)  crash7705 years ago
Yes you are!
shikaku6 years ago
wow. cool. you just showed us how to make a purchase. i thought it was gonna be like get it for free. but now. just how to buy it
bedbugg2 (author)  shikaku6 years ago
nah, you have to buy it. but you get what you pay for.
shurry7 years ago
This is very nice but just for people reading this Counter-Strike doesn't "lag out" every computer in existence i highly emplore multi-player fps people try it if anything.
bedbugg2 (author)  shurry7 years ago
oh yeah, im sorry i need to update that