How to Open 9v Battery (come Aprire Una Batteria Da 9v)


Introduction: How to Open 9v Battery (come Aprire Una Batteria Da 9v)

Hi guy!This is my first simple tutorial, and I'll show you a simple way to open a 9v battery..
(ciao ragazzi questo e il mio primo semplice tutorial, e vi mostrero un modo semplice per aprire una batteria da 9v..)

Step 1: What You Need (occorrente)

the material..(il materiale)

Step 2: Let's Cut (tagliare)


Step 3: Open (aprire)

what are inside a 9v battery?6 little battery..
(che c'e dentro una batteria da 9v?6 piccole batterie..)



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    Inside the battery that can pack a 1.5 V be 6 and how do be 6 and how do

    Thats a terrible way to open a 9v battery. Why not bend the metal tabs on the bottom out and push the casing off? That way there is no risk of cutting into a battery and spraying chemicals all over the place.

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    I'm also not sure what one would use the "smaller" batteries for...

    they work better for AAA batteries rather than AA

    If you were to fold the metal tabs over on the battery, you could substitute them for a AA in a pinch, they wouldn't last as long but they will still work for more information, look up Kipkays instructable on a 9V battery hack. :) happy hacking

    you could use the batteries for some low power project in place of a AAA because they are 1.5 V (nominal) each or if you need a battery smaller than a AAA.

    Here Here. It looks like the batteries took a bit of abuse in opening the case. A Leatherman or Gerber is all you need to get the bottom off. I would not recommend anyone opening a 9V like this.