i'm gonna show u how to open a combination lock for fun try it .

Step 1: Materials

u will need 
1. alock masterlock or any other but it must have a rotating disk like the picture below
2 your brain
 and your hands

Step 2: Put Your Hand in the Shimmy Hole ( Thats What I Like to Call It)

put it in and the next step will be a video enjoy

Step 3: Final Step.

your mission is to watch the video

notice how it resists and i must rotate it a little harder try it you will have fun
sure ok lol
will you also make one about how to open a door and one about how to drink a glass of water?
rotfl either you have a nice sense of humour or you have no brain at all.
what does that mean i just wanted to make something

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Bio: great with working with my hands and like to race cars
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