How to Pack Clothes for Moving





Introduction: How to Pack Clothes for Moving

Think outside the box. If you've moved around a lot then you may already know this trick. Packing clothes in boxes for moving is not the most practical way. Clothes tend to buch up and even if you fold them, you will find that the boxes seem under utilized. Here we will cover the very basic idea of moving clothes in a bag instead of a box.

Step 1: The Mess

so we're standing in front of the closet, the last battlefront of the moving expedition. You have a few spare boxes left but somehow you think you may have more clothes than there is room in the boxes. I?ve tried the route of ?jam-as-many-in-there-as-i-can?, this works, but have you ever lifted the box up afterwards and been ?this is incredibly light.. I wonder if it?s full?.

It?s time to think outside the box. As silly as it seems you will have more satisfaction packing clothes like this than in boxes, there is only one downfall which we will cover at the end. So let?s go! Here we have a closet full of clothes.

Step 2: The Bag

next we need to grab an ordinary green (black, yellow, orange) garbage bag

Step 3: The Wrap Up

this is not as easy as it looks. seriously. It's a little difficult to get all the ends in the bag, but if you talk nicely to them and have a little patience then you'll soon bag em all up.

Step 4: Finished!

Yeah! we're done! He's the bag with it's friend chilling out on the floor ready to be moved. Some HUGE advantages of this is that when you get to your new place you can just hang them up and strip off the bag and voila! instant wardrobe! This will make your moving much easier.

Step 5: The Drawback

as i mentioned earlier, there is a drawback, depending on how you manage it, it could be no biggie, or the biggest deal ever: Plastic bags are slippery. there, that's it. not so bad is it?

If you are trying to move two of these bags at once them have that hole in your head patched up immediatly, IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Stacking two atop one another one bag will slip off the other and you'll curse the day you ever read this instructable, however  It WILL work when you slap it over a box you'll be carring , and unless you have a closet filled to the brims with clothing then chances are you'll have a managable amout of bags.

I hope this makes you moving day a little easier, good luck!



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There are many tips available out there for moving out on your own and they can help you to save a lot of unnecessary costs. Practical solutions do not necessarily need to be expensive when you plan well beforehand to find cheap yet efficient answers for your move.

nice tips very good article.

There is a slightly better way to do it. Make a tiny hole in the bottom around the center, then put the bag over the clothes with it's opening facing the ground, pull out the hangers out of the tiny hole you made and bam. Done.

Thanks for sharing this simple yet very practical method of packing our clothes. I usually loathe folding them as it requires a lot of time and effort which I am impatient enough not to have. Therefore, this quick and efficient method would definitely do the trick for me and I look forward to the next spring cleaning to try this tip out!

OMG!!!! I'm soooooo happy I found this. I am moving in a few weeks and I have a ton of clothes. It took me a week to move my clothes the last time I moved because I decided to take everything off the hangers and place them in boxes. (TERRIBLE IDEA). This will make my move sooo much easier. Ah! this is awesome.

It took me a very long time to realise that it was so much simpler to be moving all my clothes while on their hanger rather than to fold them all up individually but I'm glad I finally wised up!

I've used this method quite a few times in the past and I must say it works well. Still, I need to ask if anyone has ever used wardrobe boxes? I think they're an even better alternative even though more expensive. I recently made a house move to Fulham and I asked the movers to do the item packing. That was the first time I actually saw a wardrobe box. They even put my shoes in the bottom of the box. When I arrived at my new house at Fulham I just got my clothes out of the box and hanged them in my closet. Piece of cake.

What do you think of wardrobe boxes?

Hi, Its a nice tips on how to pack your clothes on a move. I am moving to Portland in coming few days and i hope this will work great out for me. Thanks for sharing these tips with us.

if you cut a hole in the bottom of the bag, you could slide the bag down over the clothes. It would make them easier to get into the bag, and you would be able to carry more than one bag at once, but you would probably need help getting them in