How to Paint a Skatebord





Introduction: How to Paint a Skatebord


a few days ago my uncle gave me his old skatbord from when he was a teenager.
it was very worn and covered in flaky paint and bleacked stickers.
so i decided to change the underneath with my own design.

heres how i got on
(ps. this is my first instructable)

Step 1: You Will Need

you will need

masking tape
a belt sander
paint brushes
spray paint (more even coat)

and some more things i cant remember what it was

Step 2: Sanding

first i revoved the wheele assembely completely and sanded the bord until just the grip was left 

Step 3: The Diesgn and Priming

seen as my design was simple i only needed masking tape as a stencil
so thats what i used and only left 2 strips of bare  wood 

sorry in the pic a had already painted it with primer

Step 4: Paint

next i added xtra tape on the bits that were still bare
then i gave it 2 coats of spray paint
sanding inbeetween coats

Step 5: Remove Tape and Finnish

after i sprayed 3 coats of  black paint and let it dry i CARFULLY!  removed the tape.

Step 6: Finnish

then i added 4 coats of varnish (which took me 6 days [due to inferior varnish])
and put the wheeles back on.



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    Warhammer primer?

    yer, used different spray paint but got it later, used this empty can for this pic only

    ohhhh hahaha. My little brother uses that stuff and I thought about "borrowing" it to paint my board/

    lol, its a bit expensive to use regularly and i too "borrowed" this one from my bro