How to perform a three step fuel service + how to make a tool

the three step is a common service procedure performed at almost every shop out there, however it is not cheap. a quick call around were i live netted prices between 120-175. it isn't a hard process but it is a time consuming one. for less than $30 I performed something i believe to be almost the same thing.

this is my first instructable, please leave feedback and let me know how i could make it better!

also  the standard disclaimer applies, fuel is flammable, an irritant, and so is the cleaner you choose (or at least I hope so)
and air pressure can be dangerous if misused,
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Step 1: The goods

Picture of the goods
first gather the required parts.

1x air fitting
2x 1/4 to 3/4 bung
2x 3/4 to 1" reducer
1x 1" by 10" pipe
1x  brass barb fitting in what ever size fuel hose you decide you need
2-3 ft high pressure fuel hose rated for at least 70 psi
2x hose clamps
1x Teflon tape

Step 2: Gather some tools

Picture of gather some tools
grab some tools. those tools include,

screw drivers
fuel line disconnect tool
pipe wrench
very large chanel locks or second pipe wrench
portable air tank or compressor and airline

Step 3: Ok so make the tool

its easy. teflon the fittings and thread the parts together until it looks something like what i have made
kill-a-watt3 years ago
"make and use a homemade fuel injector cleaner for you car or truck"

Nice job, but I think your title is off. I've used an injector cleaner before, but I had access to shop air and a parts box for the proper banjo fittings.

If I did it again with home-brew cleaner, though, I'd probably try to remove my catalytic converter. All that unburned fuel-smoke can't be good for it.