Picture of how to photograph a waterfall.
Or rapids, or any body of moving water to get that "Silky" water effect. You know, the kind you see on posters with unicorns in a fairy wonderland? Everyone had one of those posters at one point in time...Right?
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Step 1: Items needed

-A tripod
-A camera, one that has a shutter speed adjustment. Otherwise you are just photographing water all day and will not get the silky water effect. :0(
-If its windy, something to weigh down the tripod, such as one of those nifty sand bags you hook onto the underside of your tripod and load up with sand and rocks.
-A super steady hand or a remote control shutter trigger.
-A warm friendly personality

Step 2: Locate some moving water.

Picture of Locate some moving water.
Find your waterfall and/or rapids.
Approach the body of water slowly, so as not to spook it.

Step 3: Befriend the water.

Picture of Befriend the water.
Maybe take a couple photos with it, so the water knows you want to be friends, this may or may not help the water in cooperating with you later.