im pick this lock with NNNNOOOO key!!! p.s. to subscribe
Don't ever ask someone to subscribe to you.I will never subscribe because of your horrible grammar.If you fixed your grammar I would have a better view of you.You are quite innovative.
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hey nice video i thought it was nice but next time that you make a video try to get it more on the topic of what your doing as in i see you put it in but then when you push you lift your hands up and its kinda hard to see it but i think you did a good job all in all<br><br>and in knex?
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that is cool
Nice. I like my uncle's way of teaching better. I asked how to pick locks, and he handed me a Master Lock without a key, a hair pin, a paper clip, the broken metal tine from a rake, and a set of jeweler's files. He said once I figured out how to open that lock, then I'd be able to pick most other locks. It took me 6 months, but I can open quite a few locks now.<br><br>I've got better tools now, that I keep stashed away. But, when my nephew asked me the same thing, I gave him all the stuff my uncle gave me. Hopefully, it'll become a family tradition, like making moonshine and homemade wine.
ok thx
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cant view it
what do you mean you cant view it???
the video goes black then says i do not have permission to view it
try now
hold checking somthing
yep i subed you
thx for the sub
&quot;WHY o' WHY&quot; Is this in Knex?
i dont know honistly
Related: picked, a, lock, knex<br><br>Lol you put knex in as a keyword.
i got to try that
why in knex...?
i dont know
Maybe another view where you show which area to push with the Bobbie pin. It is hard for me to see it.

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