How to pick a lock???

video How to pick a lock???
im pick this lock with NNNNOOOO key!!! p.s. to subscribe
ryry2011 (author) 2 years ago
3,018 views 11/30/11
theexpert3 years ago
hey nice video i thought it was nice but next time that you make a video try to get it more on the topic of what your doing as in i see you put it in but then when you push you lift your hands up and its kinda hard to see it but i think you did a good job all in all

and in knex?
ryry2011 (author) 3 years ago
1,000 views 4/22/11
SunCups3 years ago
that is cool
ryry2011 (author)  SunCups3 years ago
ryry2011 (author)  SunCups3 years ago
seolfor3 years ago
Nice. I like my uncle's way of teaching better. I asked how to pick locks, and he handed me a Master Lock without a key, a hair pin, a paper clip, the broken metal tine from a rake, and a set of jeweler's files. He said once I figured out how to open that lock, then I'd be able to pick most other locks. It took me 6 months, but I can open quite a few locks now.

I've got better tools now, that I keep stashed away. But, when my nephew asked me the same thing, I gave him all the stuff my uncle gave me. Hopefully, it'll become a family tradition, like making moonshine and homemade wine.
ryry2011 (author)  seolfor3 years ago
ok thx
cant view it
ryry2011 (author)  darknessfalls3 years ago
what do you mean you cant view it???
the video goes black then says i do not have permission to view it
ryry2011 (author)  darknessfalls3 years ago
try now
ryry2011 (author)  darknessfalls3 years ago
hold checking somthing
knex loser3 years ago
ryry2011 (author)  knex loser3 years ago
yep i subed you
ryry2011 (author)  knex loser3 years ago
thx for the sub
ryry2011 (author)  knex loser3 years ago
"WHY o' WHY" Is this in Knex?
ryry2011 (author)  RMConstruction3 years ago
i dont know honistly
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Lol you put knex in as a keyword.
ryry2011 (author)  knex_builder_freak3 years ago
cool things3 years ago
i got to try that
ryry2011 (author)  cool things3 years ago
ryry2011 (author)  cool things3 years ago
~KGB~3 years ago
ryry2011 (author)  ~KGB~3 years ago
~KGB~ ryry20113 years ago
hedzup4563 years ago
why in knex...?
ryry2011 (author)  hedzup4563 years ago
i dont know
Maybe another view where you show which area to push with the Bobbie pin. It is hard for me to see it.
ryry2011 (author)  janesycamore3 years ago
ryry2011 (author)  hello my name is bob3 years ago

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