Picture of how to make a lock pick
here is how to make a lock pick so you can lock your friend in their room.
note: this only
works on the locks with little holes on them(see picture at end).

Step 1:

Picture of
right, for materials you will need to have

bobby pin
EnderCat3 days ago

can you make another one saying HOW to pick locks with this?

Mr. tony stark (author) 2 years ago
there, i have changed the picture in response to bigtreehouse so it is now no longer a cat.
Mr. tony stark (author) 2 years ago
but isn't she cute? besides i needed a cool pic for the front
How to pick a lock.... with a cat.
ndr19682 years ago
This tip for anyone who doesn't have any camera available except the one provided on cell phones (fixed focus lens). Get some reading glasses of +1.25 to +2.00 diopter. Experiment with focus distance when holding the lens over the camera lens. Stay at this distance for macro work. Also, support the holding hand with stacked books or other objects to minimize camera movement during the exposure.