Picture of how to pick a lock with a paper clip.
(warning this will pick a lock I do not take any responsible for any thing done with this object.!!!)
with that out of the way this is how to make a lock pick with paperclips.

what you will need.

1)  two BIG sized paperclips 
2) a pair of pliers.
3) and a lock.
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Step 1:

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first you need to bend out two of the paperclips.

Step 2:

Picture of
you need to bend the top inch back towards the end to make a pressure pin you might need the pliers for this.

Step 3:

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This is what it needs to look like. the next one just put a 90 degree angle in the next one to make a rake go to next step.

Step 4:

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Step 5:

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the rake goes in first you need to move it back and forth to push some of the pins down.

Step 6:

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the pressure pin goes on top of the rake and you need to turn it left and right and find out witch
way it needs to go to unlock it.
Worked like a charm. I lost my key to the lock box where we keep important documents. Desperately needed the truck title. Found your post and it took less than a minute to pick the lock box.
cool i already know how to pick locks with my nail in 15 seconds but you seem great at it p.s i'm only 12 and a complete psychopath
Tell me how


Yes very funny =)
With nail??????
How do you do it?
i have trained since i was 6
You should make an instructable on how to do that!
Good idea all i need 2 do is stop bitting them i'll put that nail stuff the tastes fross and i'll stop bitting thanks for the idea btw it has 2 be a sertan lock andit takes forever 2 do it
Benjidodson4 months ago
Tell me how @duskshadow
garygee2 years ago
this guide is truly terrible. instructions don't make sense, skips a whole bunch of steps, pictures don't match the text. just watch a youtube video instead.

SHUT UP it works dosen't it??

spunkysmum111 months ago

This worked pretty much right off the bat when I tried it on the lock in a lockbox I have that I have not seen the key for in a few years. I didn't have much hope of it turning up any time soon so I decided to pick it. I tried some other instructions I found on another site involving tweezers, a small screwdriver and some other item that slips my mind at the moment and had no luck so I didn't expect the paper clips to pop the lock open right away but it did.

riverswamp (author)  spunkysmum110 months ago

glad this worked for you when I get bord I see how many I can open in a minuet.

LouReed1 year ago
very simple... I like it! Ijust read five paragraphs about lock picking and it was so @#$#@$# confusing thank you!
Maybe make a tutorial for a 'Yale' lock. These are far more common. The type of lock in this tutorial is very loose and easy to pick. Yale locks can be much more challenging.