(warning this will pick a lock I do not take any responsible for any thing done with this object.!!!)
with that out of the way this is how to make a lock pick with paperclips.

what you will need.

1)  two BIG sized paperclips 
2) a pair of pliers.
3) and a lock.
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cool i already know how to pick locks with my nail in 15 seconds but you seem great at it p.s i'm only 12 and a complete psychopath


Yes very funny =)
With nail??????
How do you do it?
i have trained since i was 6
You should make an instructable on how to do that!
Good idea all i need 2 do is stop bitting them i'll put that nail stuff the tastes fross and i'll stop bitting thanks for the idea btw it has 2 be a sertan lock andit takes forever 2 do it
garygee2 years ago
this guide is truly terrible. instructions don't make sense, skips a whole bunch of steps, pictures don't match the text. just watch a youtube video instead.

SHUT UP it works dosen't it??

spunkysmum16 months ago

This worked pretty much right off the bat when I tried it on the lock in a lockbox I have that I have not seen the key for in a few years. I didn't have much hope of it turning up any time soon so I decided to pick it. I tried some other instructions I found on another site involving tweezers, a small screwdriver and some other item that slips my mind at the moment and had no luck so I didn't expect the paper clips to pop the lock open right away but it did.

riverswamp (author)  spunkysmum15 months ago

glad this worked for you when I get bord I see how many I can open in a minuet.

LouReed11 months ago
very simple... I like it! Ijust read five paragraphs about lock picking and it was so @#$#@$# confusing thank you!
Maybe make a tutorial for a 'Yale' lock. These are far more common. The type of lock in this tutorial is very loose and easy to pick. Yale locks can be much more challenging.