Introduction: How to Pick Things Up With a R/C Helicopter

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You want to steal a dollar bill with a Radio/Controlled helicopter, sure, go ahead, but use my steps before something goes wrong! 

Step 1: Materials

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R/C helicopter and controller,
Roll of tape, 
and something like a index card or ect... 

Step 2: Tape

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Between your landing gear or skids place tape across the skids so the sticky side faces out
to the ground 

Step 3: Test It

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Get your small piece of paper or index card and fly the heli and land on the the paper and lift off again 

Step 4: Your Done

Picture of Your Done

your done OK so try it and steal that money of your mom's already!


angpal59 (author)2013-03-17

LOL, just kidding but your next instructable should be on how to take a clear picture

Grizmo (author)2012-01-27

o.0 Those photos were took with a potato?! (Just kidding...)

papercrafter408 (author)Grizmo2012-09-05

i can see... a toy heli... THATS IT

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