Picture of how to pick things up with a R/C helicopter
You want to steal a dollar bill with a Radio/Controlled helicopter, sure, go ahead, but use my steps before something goes wrong! 
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
R/C helicopter and controller,
Roll of tape, 
and something like a index card or ect... 

Step 2: Tape

Picture of Tape
tape heli003.jpg
Between your landing gear or skids place tape across the skids so the sticky side faces out
to the ground 

Step 3: Test it

Picture of test it
Get your small piece of paper or index card and fly the heli and land on the the paper and lift off again 

Step 4: Your Done

Picture of Your Done
your done OK so try it and steal that money of your mom's already!
angpal592 years ago
LOL, just kidding but your next instructable should be on how to take a clear picture
Grizmo3 years ago
o.0 Those photos were took with a potato?! (Just kidding...)
i can see... a toy heli... THATS IT