Step 9: Be sure to water.

Picture of Be sure to water.
Water your tomato plants every day as they will dry out faster. I placed 3 of mine near the front door so I will see them and remember.
aborrello6 years ago
I think yours are the best looking of all the methods I have looked at. I am trying this out for the first time and did not like the looks of the commercial planters. Yours are very decorative! Thank you very much for the information and pics!
jennsaid6 years ago
I have tried this and it works well. It also works with bell peppers.
LadyHvnly6 years ago
by growing upside down, are the worms less likely to plant themselves on the plant? THE HORN WORMS ATE MINE LAST YEAR!! the ate it overnite!!! i really like your description and instructions.. will give it a shot this year along with my square foot gardening also.. which i love doing.. any updated pics?
Can I plant on the top like a flower or something for color? I'm going to get this ready now and my husband is so excited. This beats ordering somehting for 9.99 or 19.95.
Could this put excessive strain on the base of the plant when it starts to fruit, as the plant will grow upwards? Perhaps you would need to use some sort of stake, or prop, to support them, as you would with the conventional method of growing them.
halolord6 years ago
Just wondering Would the plant get enough sunlight. Wouldn't the basket over shade it?
kagera6 years ago
It would be very easy to set this up to self water. all you would really need is a container for water, a pump and tubes, and i timer. I plan to do just that when try this this this spring!
I was wondering if you ended up having enough dirt for roots in the end. What size hanging planter did you use? What is the purpose of planting the peas - what is the benefit to the tomato plants? Thanks!
yea i agree, wtf? send some updates meng
ezchuck7 years ago
I have a 5 gallon bucket with a tomato plant in it. It does not seem to be doing so well, I water it and hve it in mirical grow potting mix, and on my patio where it gets sun. The only thing I did not do is to build up the root ball from the bottom of the bucket. Should I give more time?
Keyth7 years ago
I have a question: How heavy do these things get? Thanks.
wocket7 years ago
Cool idea. I'd love to see some update pics when they get growing!
tallchick07 years ago
Could you grow cucumbers by the same method?
Vtraven7 years ago
Wow, this looks so easy and fun! Can't wait to get started. Thank you.
miah7 years ago
This looks cool and easy. I'm looking to start a garden at my house and don't have alot of sunlit area's on the ground, but can probably grow some tomatoes with this method. Thanks!