magic the gathering is a fun card game.the cards can be found at Wal-Mart

Step 1: Classes

the different classes are, Plaines, swamp, mountian, forest, and, island.

Step 2: Playing

get 7 cards from one deck and then put the rest aside. if you have a land card you may put it down.then once you have enough land for a attacking card you may place it

Step 3: End

I hope you enjoyed if you think I left anything out let me know in the coments below. oh I almost forgot this is my first instructable so if I did a bad job please tell me
<p>you really need more facts and details for us to understand it I have been playing it for 4 years and you my friend is not saying that right</p>
<p>ok may need more detail i have been playing mtg for almost a year and you forgot many details</p>
U left out how to attack and what everything on the card means

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