Picture of how to play pirates vs alians
pirates vs alians is a difficult nerf/airsoft gun game

Step 1: Stuff youll need

Picture of stuff youll need
1. atleast 1 friend
2. 2 nerf guns or airsoft guns and ammo
3. a brain
4. one foam sword
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xinistrom3 years ago
can someone tell me what an alian is????
Rybka303 years ago
why not cyma guns??? i have cyma ak-47 cm 050 and i cannot see anything bad... some things could be better, but gearbox and other stuff is good... pls send me answer...
mangadragon6 years ago

You don't explain how to win...
Kind of obvious... You kill the other person, you win.
I figured that much, but if you're going to make an instructable about it then you should at least include that...
you dont need to :S
Hitman2274 years ago
Um.. this is not really a instructable. Maybe you should of posted this as a slide show or forum topic instead no offence.
(YOUR N4 years ago
popscott34 years ago
cleage0014 years ago
sorry, but the pics look bad, and did you mean aliEns?
sorry if i was bad, but the pics are so tiny..... it is bad to see.
Travelsonic6 years ago
The rules seem a little messy, and in terms of power distribution (human versus alien abilities/health) very uneven. The human has too much of an advantage over the aliens. Why not have each player of each race have 10 points of health. Each weapon does 1 point of damage per "shot (if using the gun), or strike if using the sword. Weapons would be accessible to both races.
in my opinion, swords take 2-3 damage and shots take 1, the pirate has 1 sword and 1 6-shooter, the alien has 2 6-shooters, both have 10 health.
10 pts? Seriously? More like 3 or 5.
I like multiples of 10, easy numbers to work with. From there, 10 because it isn't insanely high or low.
Because it would just because Team slayer, This is saying, pirates have more health, low ammo, aliens have high ammo, low health Balanced
Certainly could have been a lot clearer.
In the sense of? He and I are clearly defining the rules; It's really quite simple
The formatting morso, now that I look back at it. Now that I've taken a long hard break from looking at that, it kinda does make a lot more sense, though some tweaking could make the game better.
Agreed =)<br/>
I've written (or rather, co-written) some college LARPs in the past year - most on an insane "I have an idea, lets pump ourselves full of sugar and caffeine and stay up for 3 days straight to work on it" thing, most of the games actually came out ok - with a lot of twaking of course. Through all of that, I've learned three things about coming up with a game: 1. No matter what ideas come to mind, you can find a way to make it work well 2. You ought to be careful not to make it too simple, or too complex 3. Clarity and good formatting really matters when writing the rules out. 4. Never stay up for three days straight writing live RP games while pumped on sugar and caffeine - you'll crash and feel like crap when you wake up - not like a hangover, but a different kind of crappy feeling. (OK, that was 4, whatever)
Ha! That's exaclty what i did, ive been doing it for the 4 days, ive made like, 4 very detailed games, i can send them to you if youd like
eulaliaaaa!5 years ago
Me and my brothers did something like this once while our little cousin was over.  It was called Starship.  One person would be the alien and, before the game started, he would have everyone upstairs while he hid some nerf guns around the house. Then, he would call everyone downstairs and you couldn't be caught by him.  The people coming downstairs would then try and find some guns and shoot the alien. 

Of course, we couldn't play the game without effects. 
My brother set up the whole place ahead of time.  He had the T.V. playing some sound effects that made it sound like we were in a spaceship with an alien,  he then put a lamp on in one area so it looked like some floodlights like you might find on a spaceship.  Then, as we would come down, he would drag the legs of a dummy across the stairs, making it look like the alien was killing somebody.  To top it all off,  he had the alien wear a mask.
animan16 years ago
do you know any other airsoft games???
i need some freinds plz add me :] if u have a myspace add me at sparky_rocks_45@yahoo.com
what does this have to do with anything??? but shure post on my OB
DrWeird1177 years ago
I don't have No. 3, is there an alternative? thx
are you a man? if so then yes if you get what i mean... ;p
animan1 spong206 years ago
thats wrong
TyMan2106 years ago
You misspelled "alian". It should be spelled "alien".
And you misspelled "alian", "Alian is spelled "alian". You meant to say: You misspelled "Alien".
Or, did I? O-o
airsoft1236 years ago
Im not trying to be mean, but I couldnt understand the rules at all.
Maxaxle7 years ago
animan1 Maxaxle6 years ago
take it like this... give some one a sword and a gun with three pellets. give someone else a gun with tons of pelets they shoot each other and if the alien gets hit once hes out if the pirate gets hit once he has a second chance get it got it GOOD
yeerk21 Maxaxle6 years ago
thinbrain6 years ago
This seems fun but very complicated. A simpler verification on this game is "Jedi vs droid" which is when one person with a nerf gun shoots at a person with a lightsaber(etc.) who tries to hit the droid with their own bullets, as seen in star wars. This is a lot of fun and, come to think about it, almost like a nerdy baseball type game.
thefoodman6 years ago
alien would win
mr.guy6 years ago
nice paint job!!!
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