How to Play "smoke Detector" (Airsoft/Nerf/Paintball)





Introduction: How to Play "smoke Detector" (Airsoft/Nerf/Paintball)

this is how to play smoke detector a game i made up (unless someone got to it first, but i dont think so tell me though)
you need :
4 plain smoke bombs
1 colored smoke bomb
a least 2 people, each with a gun
a field

Step 1: Instructions

align the smoke bombs and players as shown i the pics.
both players trie to take the land around the middle bomb (or the bomb itself) the first man wins.
but they also trie to stop the other person from taking the land (or bomb) by shooting them three hits and your out.
(comment if you need clearer instructions)



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How do you take the land? What are the other smoke bombs for?

You take the other Colored smoke bomb back to your base (P1), they are for confusion part of what makes the game challenging

i don't get it! please help?

the smoke make it foggy so you cant see. you basicly trie to get the different bomb (or if u cant hold it than you only takee the space around it)