How to Potty Train a Child.


Introduction: How to Potty Train a Child.

After potty training my son,cousins, little brother, and my daughter, I will give my humble secret to potty training with love and patience. You cannot, however, be afraid to look hideously goofy (seriously).

Step 1: Watch for "the Look."

As early as possible (in age), start to watch for signals on your child's face when they look as if they are using their diaper. Every time they make "the face" , carry them to the restroom and sing the phrase "it's time to pee pee in the potty!" to your favorite tune. This is most effective when you make the faces with them.

Step 2: Model How to Use the Potty.

It is most important to wait until your child is mentally ready to use the potty. This means they are expressing an interest in what goes into the potty, how the water flushes and are able to sing little pieces of the song with you (about the time they start to walk). When they can follow you into the potty, allow them to do so as far as you are comfortable. Sing the song and make the faces. Have the potty chair in the same vicinity as the adult potty (if the adult potty is too big, they may be afraid to use it.). Eventually your child will do whatever you are doing (or imagine you are doing), whether or not they really need to use it. If they even come close to they potty, it's important to give lots of praise (the bigger deal you make of it, the better they remember to do it again.).

Step 3: Finally!

The hardest part of the final stage is waiting for your child to actually poop and pee inside the potty chair. The more you model and reinforce the use of the chair with praise, the sooner this will happen. If you potty train before the child is ready, you will have small successes and many "accidents". This is normal. If you spank or use any kind of "punishment" for an accident, you will only prolong the potty training process. If you are unsure about your child's readiness, go ahead and start to use "pull up" diapers. It will send a signal to the child that he "should be" ready (it is also helpful to put some "big kid underwear over the diaper.). Once your child is using the "pull ups diapers" and can pull them up and down for himself, I can just about promise his consistent use of the potty is near. Most important, I doubt that you will have many (if any) accidents. I hope this was helpful to you. Good luck.!



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    My boys were pretty easy to train. I just had their dad take them with him when ever he "went". If Dad isn't around, maybe a trusted friend, older child, or grandpa. Couldn't tell you about girls though as I have 5

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    I trained my two children the same way. They sat in their little potties while I sat in the "throne". They even brought their favorite books while doing their business.

    I wish this was a lot longer with more explanation of how different kids reacted. Also, I have done all of this and more, but my daughter still refuses to use the potty except very occasionally. We have books and movies, we have used celebration, songs, peer and parent example, recently we have even stooped to reward, but to no avail, could you elaborate more?

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    Well, I have heard of some girls potty training as late as four years old. If they have a "potty training party" (this is a prolonged "play date" where their friends use the potty in front of each other) some girls want to "catch up" to their peers. Also, baby dolls that "wet" their diapers seem to help.

    This wouldn't be a good idea for getting into the book. This belongs in a child care manual, which I'm sure many DIY'ers wouldn't want.