Picture of how to prevent your cat from sleeping in your bed
You will need a soft blanket and a box 

Step 1: Fold the blanket so it will fit in the box

Picture of Fold the blanket so it will fit in the box
nice and tight
Oscelot1 year ago

It's useful to put this BY your bed to start too, can help in training them to use it at night.

craftpro2 years ago
This is a good idea
rimar20004 years ago
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HarveyH444 years ago
Why would you want to do this? Cats and dogs like to stay close to you, they want to be there to protect you while you sleep. It's how they repay you for the food and care you give them. It isn't much, but you should appreciate the effort. My last cat, and dog use to fight over the honor (Siamese cat usually won), and the dog was huge, took up half the bed (usually tried for most of it). My current pet (black Lab), doesn't usually spend the entire night, usually just long enough for me to start drifting off, then he eith sleeps in the closet or bathtub.