Step 7: Your done!!!

That is all you need to know about care! The good thing about reptiles is all they ask for is your respect and care so if you keep them healthy and feed them, water them, and clean out there cage, they will show you respect to.
Faaun2 years ago
Did you even research before you went out and bought a bearded dragon?
johnfreitas5 years ago
well I'll try to be nice, you have completely missed the UVB for the beardie. Without UVB, your dragon will not grow very well it can and will be harmful to your Dragon. MBD (metabolic bone disease) is the effect of having no UVB. They will have very fragile bones and will die from it. And from what I can tell from your pics, you do not run one, very big mistake. So I guess anyone can post an instructable on here even if the info is completely off base.
Agreed. You should've talked about basking lamps too for that matter. For a MUCH more comprehensive bearded dragon care Instructable, check out mine: http://www.instructables.com/id/Comprehensive-Bearded-Dragon-Care/