Picture of how to put cool software on your usb flashdrive
with this instructable you can learn how to put cool software on your flashdrive or even your mp3-player!!

PS. first instructable, very simple, please comment!

also English isn't my best subject so when you see a fault please say it!

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Step 1: Go to www.portableapps.com

Picture of go to www.portableapps.com
start your browser(IE or firefox or whatever you use) and go to http://www.portableapps.com and click 'applications'. (red one on the screenshot)
McQueezy4 years ago
edfel016 years ago
can u put apps on ur ipod using this?
jongscx edfel016 years ago
dude... NO... This is for being able to have a certain list of programs that are able to run without being installed on a specific system. They are instead, "installed" onto a portable flash drive...
You are partialy correct. but you can put applications from portableapps.com on your ipods partition and run them from any  windows computer. 
actually, if you enable your iPod for disk use, you can. Although It would chew up space, and is a pain to bring the cable around with you everywhere.
Sorry, just read your other posts, the apps will not work natively on the Ipod, but instead on the PC it is connected to.
Ov3rLoad6 years ago
Here's another site that has portable flashdrive apps,
cam426 years ago
This is fairly out of date now. I recommend installing the suite full or lite depending on your drive, and they are no longer in self extracting archives, but in neat little installers.
edfel016 years ago
so can i say play game on my ipod bc thats all i want it for
edfel016 years ago
so just download it to ipod root folder thing and thats it good to go?
I like, it's been killing me not being able to use GIMP at work. Do these apps work with a locked down machine?
Yes they do. The GIMP works at my school, and they're pretty locked down. The PCs reset themselves every time they restart, and access to My Computer is restricted, but a dialog box asks me if I want to "explore the device". If anything, you could make a live CD using a simple autorun batch file. they shouldn't block autoruns.
yeerk21 Fenwick6 years ago
in my skool if u download it in d drive it won't get eraesed
Yeah I tried it out today and it worked fine I used GIMP and silent night cd burner, was finally able to use the cd burner on my office computer. Give me a computer with a cd burner and then won't give me software to use it, stupid ISS.
m-arijn (author)  Tool Using Animal8 years ago
at my school it work's, but these computers aren't the best secured, so i would say: try, your computer won't crash and post the result at this instructable and send me a PM
junits156 years ago
ugh mac on a stick is anoying! i had to download the stupid bittorrent!
haha, this is all terrific news, considering i just got a 17 dollar 8 gig flash drive.
where'd you get it from?
it was a special deal on some deal a day site. i actually bought 3, but each of them was 17 dollars if you split the price three ways.
did it earlier, works great
vedran7 years ago
Here is one more nice site: www.portablefreeware.com GO FREE!!!
Optimus vedran7 years ago
Shagglepuff7 years ago
This pretty much sums up why I bought my usb drive
im gonna use this at school
Wesleyh58917 years ago
Do I download this on the PC first and then put it onto the flashdrive?
m-arijn (author)  Wesleyh58917 years ago
Thanks for a valuable site suggestion I will try it out
iperalta7 years ago
Greta stuff...i hate U3...
bullyork7 years ago
thanks, this is going to come in handy for school
jpix8 years ago
Hey m-arijn Thanks a lot for this. That instructable is so useful. :) gimp at work ... hehehe (evil laugh)
HOMEPIE648 years ago
yo im having some trouble do you download to your computer or usb?
m-arijn (author)  HOMEPIE648 years ago
download to your computer, then open the file and choose the directory of your USB-stick(ea.'F:') as the destination to unpack the file.
ok but do i need to keep all the files or just the actual apps themselves(the ones with the pics)
m-arijn (author)  HOMEPIE648 years ago
once you've extracted the files you use the pictogram to start the program, you also need to keep the rest of your files on the usb-drive. You can throw away the files you did click to install the software...hope I'm clear enough...
gothcat8 years ago
Get this instead of the horrible U3 software. My memory stick (Verbatim 4GB) came cheaper due to the U3 but i got the uninstaller and said goodbye to the U3 software and i have not missed it at all and the memory stick seems to preform better :o)
same. haha
hujke8 years ago
my first leeson was yhis and is really cool tnx a lot man
Just a note for U3 owners - some apps from portableapps won't work on U3 drives - for most of them, there are U3-compatible versions on the same site, or equivalents on the U3 download center
m-arijn (author)  MisterSlippy8 years ago
when you want the u3 version go to www.portableapps.com/u3, I think more u3 apps are coming up.
Well done! I'd just bought a USB flash drive (it was packaged with U3 and some silly apps---not any more), and the PortableApps Suite seemed like a nice addition. Your English is fine, BTW.
m-arijn (author) 8 years ago
updated the instructable...good luck!!
Argon278 years ago
Your English is fine!
m-arijn (author)  Argon278 years ago
Excellent, Ill be giving this a go for sure. Didnt know I could do it till you put this up. :)
benjgvps8 years ago
I had a 256mb stick and filled it up in a few months. Now i have a 1gb stick (christmas) and i have many apps for it.


big list of portable apps
m-arijn (author) 8 years ago
and what about the instructable? is it a good one? (except it's very simple...)
Hi there, your Instructable is fine, at the time of this post it has created a nice response from other members. Understanding that English is not your first language, you did well. You may want to explain your ideas more; how did you put the software on the drive and if there are any other cool sites where we can get this type of software. Gimp sounds great, have you any other ideas for good software?
m-arijn (author)  Jezza Bear8 years ago
thx for the comment, the software on www.portableapps.com is the only software I found. if anyone knows other sites where you can download software for your flashdrive, please send me a PM! so i can add it to the instructable. GIMP is very nice and also firefox is recommended
WolvesOfWar8 years ago
is it available for every usb stick, and for any computer?
m-arijn (author)  WolvesOfWar8 years ago
if your usb port is fast enough it works on every ME,NT or XP computer. as you can see it's all originally lynux software(because of the open schource of course)
Neodudeman8 years ago
Ya, I use portableapps.com all the time. It's a pretty nifty website. The most useful things I've found are Gimp and 7-Zip, because most computers don't have really good photo editing software, or advance uncompressors.
and sometimes VLC.
Paul 9818 years ago
My first experience of 'indestructables'. Nice and Easy to Follow. Thanks
billbob8 years ago
this is really useful..are there other websites for portable apps? also..is it just my computer or does extracting take a reallllyyy long time?
crestind8 years ago
These are some nice apps- just what I was looking for. GIMP is a great program and that's a cool picture you made! Are there any other such sites for portable apps?
CpHarding8 years ago
Nice- i knew of some apps floating around but not lots, Thanks a load, although i don't think these will work on the shool computers i use, i don't think they let run any .exe files, that they havn't got, but i'll give it a try
m-arijn (author) 8 years ago
yes, it's installed on your drive and it does run from your drive so it does work, if it doesn't you should PM me
trebuchet038 years ago
I saw this on Makezine about a month ago... It's pretty cool stuff :P But for those of us that have yet to upgrade (mine is either a 32 or 64) - this doesn't work well :P Oh well, I don't need to upgrade anyway - if I need to move big files -- 80 gigs of portable HD does the trick :P