Picture of how to put together a skateboard
This will show you how to put together a skateboard.I do suggest you at least wear a helmet because i recently was bombing a hilll and got speed wobbles and my head made contact first and i think i got a little dumber cause i can hardly talk


.2 trucks
.4 wheels
.8 bearings(all in a pack)
.8 nuts and bolts (all in pack)
.riser pads(optianal)
.13mm socket
.16mm socket
.3/8 wrench
.socket wrench
.drill with philips bit or philips screwdriver

Step 1: Putting on the griptape

Picture of Putting on the griptape
Unpeel grip tape and set the tips on the banked part of the board. Slam your hands down in the middle and work your way to the sides leaving no bubbles. Take a screw driver and rub the edges down so it outlines the board. Take a razor blade on the outlines area of the board at 45 degrees and cut all around the board. Cut off all the excess griptape.
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hhtyn.kute7 months ago

wow i got it

DSK8SN909F4 years ago
uhh isn't that a nut?
newb4 years ago
it's easier to do if you just buy a skate tool, most of them even have a screwdriver so you don't risk hurting your deck with a drill.
GianniMora5 years ago
 oh... u use thunders too.

GianniMora5 years ago
 what kind of truck do u use... i use thunders.

sharlston5 years ago
whats the 16mm socket for? king pins are 14 and axles 13mm
kingpins are 9/16" and axles are 1/2".  the 14mm wouldn't even fit on the kingpin nut, and the 13 would be too big on the axle.  I don't know how you guys are getting all these sizes wrong since all skate tools have 3/8" 1/2" and 9/16" sockets or wrenches.  Also bearings are easy to take out and put back in using the axle instead of a screwdriver.
emericanskater (author)  sharlston5 years ago
i used the 16 as a method to help te bearings in.
ah i get you alot of people have mentioned struggling to get the bearings out but i can do it rly easily with a screwdriver and i dont even have to touch th shields
Nice job, that's a pretty sick board you got there. Is that an Element board, because I can't tell if it's a sticker or not. (The Element logo). Elements are good, their pop isn't that great though. Good and detailed Instructable, could help a lot of people. I might use this in case next time I mess up for something.
organikas get amazing pop, plan B,
i got a atm
what trucks are those, ventures are my favse
emericanskater (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
ya they dont have the greatest pop im lookin for a board with a good pop
Toy machine boards have the best pop.
Well, you can get a Mystery deck, or a Baker, Baker's are really good.
Nah, I'm just kidding, Elements are really good.
By the way, this Instructable rules, so I... (added to favorites)
i dont like speed wobbles they make me fall 
emericanskater (author)  shawntherobot5 years ago
nobody does but keep your trucks tite enough u wont have to worry about it
adio6 years ago
dude thats a bad way to put bearings in the wheels. Put both of the bearings on the axel of the truck then put the wheel over it then push down. The bearing with go in the wheel and just flip the wheel over and put the bearing in the other one.
yourmom136 years ago
thanks! this works great, its really nice.
Stanislaw7 years ago
This could be dangerous - you should state to be gentle when hammering them in... ...I usually just put the two bearings on the trucks and then just press the wheel on - flip it and press it on again - this is usually good enough nice instructable btw - you should do on on some tricks next ;)
emericanskater (author)  Stanislaw7 years ago
ya i forgot to mention be gentle and i will probaly post a couple tricks next time my freind comes over
I just put the bearing in the middle of the wheel, and stand on it. It pops in.
i used the back end of a screwdriver and pressed until the bearing popped in, it worked fine.
AlexSX mg0930mg6 years ago
yeah i did that to but i had to do the hammer technique to get the bearing in fully. often just standing on it doesn't push it in far enough so you wont be able to get the nut on.
mg0930mg AlexSX6 years ago
Always works for me. :)
Death1236 years ago
when i am putting the trucks on there is a bolt that alway comes lose what should i do.
emericanskater (author)  Death1236 years ago
if the nut is coming off the bolt i suggest using a product called loc-tite theadlocker. i use it on my snowboard and it works greats. also check if the bolt is stripped cus if it is u cant get the nut tight enoudgh, hope i helped -tyler
Death1236 years ago
How easy would you say it is to put together a skateboard
emericanskater (author)  Death1236 years ago
pretty easy but the griptape is the hardest cus u have to get it perfect
k thanks
jayro7076 years ago
sweet instructables, but element board's are super thick, i would prefer baker or a cheaper one, yet good is"goodwood", which was my second deck. i still use it and it still is in good shape, well not the graphics there ruined, by the years of grinding and bail's
emericanskater (author)  jayro7076 years ago
ya i hardly skate but its suprisingly still rolling after about 2 years so there a good durability deck.u can also save the graffics with sliptape it makes your slide alot smoother to
yeah, i got a new girl deck, super better, and it has slip tape.
l96470fps6 years ago
awsome i'ble, what are those wicked trucks?
emericanskater (author)  l96470fps6 years ago
i think their thunder lights im not sure tho
hey dude be careful wit posting stuff bout riser pads, dude ppl get flamed and in so many arguments for using/showing those
it came w/ the part package so its just an option if you really want to use them
snipegoat6 years ago
where would one but grip tape, and is it very expensive, and also in theory could you cut and sand your own skateboard or longboard out of a piece of wood
emericanskater (author)  snipegoat6 years ago
ya you could easily do that. the only thing id consider is the wood
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