Picture of How to put Music, Videos, and Pictures on to a Nintendo DS
in this instructable, you will (hopefully) learn how to put videos, music, and pictures on to your ds. once you get the hang of it, its actually quite simple. now... on with the learning!!

EDIT: for those of you who just need a converter, scroll down to the bottom and find the SUPER link (it's the name of the program)

Step 1: Downloading your videos

Picture of downloading your videos
have you ever wanted to download youtube videos so you can watch them any time you want without actually going to youtube.com? well, now you can. to put videos on your ds, all you have to do is get these things:

mozilla firefox
script for downloading youtube videos

now you are ready.

- go to youtube and find the video you want to download. click on it, and below the video playing screen should be a link that says DOWNLOAD (its there now because of the greasemonkey script)
- after downloading, save it as an .flv link and save it to your desktop or designated folder

you have now successfully downloaded a youtube video.
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oreoosmarr1 month ago

What ds are we tacoing about DS or DS lite

will this work with the newer DS its not a DSi please help and how do I get this on if it does work

JoshK211 months ago

can you use any cord

aaronsnyder3 years ago
Actually it is not that complicated as this article said. At first, you need to get a flashcart, just buy r4i sdhc 3ds, then download the moonshell which can let you enjoy the multi-mdeia features. then put the firmware in the root of your sd card, then put your videos, ebooks, MP3 in the sd card as well.
Atomman6 years ago
You didn't explain how to actually put it on your DS
You need an R4 cartridge
zadazack6 years ago
will i get a virus
im not shure but a round christmas time ill tell you because im getting a new computer be cause the one i have right now is windows 98 thats as old as me. Also i hope you have good virus software just incase but most likely you wont. and that is my final answer now do i win a coooooooookie?
Good Times.
 Go to savevid.com to download the vids and you wont get any viruses.
sektor_gaza4 years ago
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jekan7774 years ago
should try
Chikara5 years ago
ALERT this will not work with the new Nintendo DSi! unless you buy a new memory cart compatible for the DSi this method is obsolete.
erikals Chikara5 years ago
i recently tested this with a dsi in a store and you are right - i've forgotten what it does - if someone can tell me that would be great
R4 cartridge? Ebay, Amazon, Argos? What is is and where do I get it?
its something like the games and music thing for the ds, its a ds cartridge sorta with a memory card that you can hook up to your computer and put stuff on. they used to sell them even at target..but no more...i have seen them on electronics websites and the people who make action replay(datel) website...wow i talked alot there
they never sold them at target, LIES! well at least i think so.. i had to buy mine from links off r4ds.com
Arbitror7 years ago
Can u buy a R4 at a store?
Only in Europe:(
masterjpa6 years ago
um..ok i dont know if it says it anywhere in your instructable but can you still play games and stuff and can it ruin your ds?????
Justin Lam (author)  masterjpa6 years ago
yes you can still play games on the DS, because when you turn on your DS with your R4 in it, there are three pics to choose from: game, media, and slot 2. Game is where you will find your DS games that you got from wherever you did (most often downloaded, tsk tsk :P), media is where the moonshell will run automatically and then you will have access to your music and videos and all your other media. Slot 2 is for when you want to play a GBA game, then you'd click that.
are there viruses, cause my motherboard is easy to et virus and self destruct...
pokeguy136 years ago
whats an r4?
Atomman6 years ago
Cool thanks i'm so gonna try this!
Can you put movies, music, etc. on your SD card and then put it in your DS?
yes. u only need an adaptor card like acekard2 or R4. i own an acekard2, which is very good. i bought it for 30 US$ and it supports microSD up to 16GBytes. for SD or CF cards (they are too big for SLOT1 use) u need a SLOT2 adaptor and some passme/flashme/softboot in SLOT1, but i dont recommend that. ah and btw i'm making a SLOT2 adaptor for custom NDS/L extension cards. when its ready ill post an instructable.
i have a nintendo DSi now which can take sd cards without an adapter and can hold songs, games, photos, etc. on it. You an also get on the Internet with it free of charge if you have a wireless broadband connection and you can get on a place calles the 'DSi Shop' and buy games and a web browser. if you get on the DSi Shop before October 5, 2009, you get 1,000 free DSi points. If you trade in your DS lite towards the DSi you get $70 off the purchase!
Dj Decy6 years ago
I made all my pics bmp files but they don't show up in my menu only if I make them nds files but it just has a white screen
Justin Lam (author)  Dj Decy6 years ago
try changing them to .gif or .jpg. not sure if .bmp is compatible with R4.. it might though.
png is a good format. jpg doesnt have good quality, and gif is sometimes not supported, and bmp are raw bitmaps, which do have biiig files.
I use ezflash 5 plus. I'm using moonshell to watch videos but I don't really like it. are there any other good video players for the DS?
Justin Lam (author)  downwithwikihow6 years ago
not that i know of. try searching google for them, but i'm pretty sure the moonshell one is the most stable and convenient.
yeah moonshell is the best one i know, but one problem: i use moonshell for acekard2 and it sometimes switches from fullscreen to windowed mode while playing videos
Scotish6 years ago
Dude, great instructable, but I have a few questions 1 Do you only need Grease Monkey to download the Youtube Vids 2 After I've Downloaded them can they be converted to avi format thanks
Justin Lam (author)  Scotish6 years ago
now you technically don't need to have greasemonkey, there are plenty of youtube downloaders that are online and need no installation. they tend to download in .flv files, so just use SUPER or your favourite converter to convert it to .dpg or any other file you want.
Thanks Dude
but remember: the NDS needs dpg format, not avi! so if you have ripped a dvd (often illegal, i know) to avi or mpg files, u also need 2 convert it to dpg
ALMODA6 years ago
I installed moonshell151_with_dpgtools121 on my R4 card, everything works well, games, mp3 and this video I downloaded .dpg Looney Tunes --- Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd --- Rabbit Fire (1951) I am trying to play some videos I downloaded from utube and so far nothing seems to work. I used Clip Extractor & saved the videos to avi. I used Super Video Coverter (v20009.build.35),to convert them to .dpg It worked fine. I used dpgshow.exe to watch them and all is great. I copy the files to my SD card and when I load Moonshell the files are not there! What am I doing wrong? Please, help me!
Justin Lam (author)  ALMODA6 years ago
have you installed the latest moonshell and R4DS kernel? try that, otherwise did you download .netFramework? either that or your R4 software is missing a file or something. or maybe you flubbed a step.
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