How to Recharge a Glow-stick





Introduction: How to Recharge a Glow-stick

  This method of charging a glow-stick actually works, but each time you recharge it the glow gets a little fainter. It can still be used for pretty long though. Also this is an entry in the flash light speed contest so if you liked it please vote for me.

Step 1: Stick It in the Freezer

  This is basically the only real step here and all you have to do is put one of your used glow-sticks in the freezer over night.

Step 2: The Last Step

  Take your glow-stick out of the freezer,crack it,shake, and like magic it glows!



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    I had a pacifier that glows in the dark (I had a plastic baby called Ciccobello and he had this pacifier) and when it started to fade i just took the pacifier and put it next to a light bulb and it worked. Now its Brighter then ever, if you guys don't believe me well it yr fault it, worked for me .

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    That isn't the same as the glowstick, the pacifier glows because it has a chemical, most likely phosphorus, which emits light, it absorbs light from sources such as the sun and light bulbs and it emits light, this is seen more obviously at night, this fades over time, take a flashlight and shine it for a few seconds, it show charge it up for a while , it will last for a few hours.

    So why don't they use phosphorus in glowsticks? Is it because it's too dangerous or something? Or maybe they don't want to do that because then people wouldn't buy them as much?

    The glow in the dark method is to absorb light in the day and emit it during the night, which would pretty much defeat the purpose of a glow stick, which is to have readily available light, also, phosphorus doesn't glow as bring as the glowstick after its initial use as it can give off enough light for illumination.

    thank you so much because our party was going to be a messy if i dont find this

    thanks this really helped me and my little sis my mom bought us each a glow stick and we used your idea it was helpful i let mine freeze longer cause i needed it for my science fair project to make a glass rod. without this my little sis would have flood the house.


    I have been able to get this to work before, but the real trick is to get it into the frezer while it is still glowing. If it has gone dim to the point it cannot be seen at all, then it has lost the chemical reaction completely. Of course you could always just replace the batteries. The batteries are normally on the shelf with the buckets for the prop wash and the keys to the flight line.

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    and the life raft repair kit, and the fire extinguisher refills.

    I've heard that's also where they keep the headlight and blinker fluids too!

    They usually keep the muffler bearings near them too!

    Glow sticks glow by mixing 2 chemicals together witch react and produce light there is no way to reverse this reaction once its done its done and no amount of freezing will undo it, a low temperature will only slow the reaction but only by minutes, glow sticks are a one use item and according to this freezing a glow stick reverses a chemical reaction, unmixes 2 fluids, puts one back in a glass tube and then unbreaks the glass...

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    The glow sticks I have have been glowing the last 5 days. Of course not as bright as the first day. But still extremely bright. Bright enough to see with lights still on. I thought the freeze thing was a myth and only put mine in there to prove it wouldn't work. And now its 5 days later and every time I pull them out the freezer at night they are dull just like when I first got them. I crack them and then they light up again.
    So my question to you mister Jbarnes25,,,, are you saying I have MAGIC Glow Sticks that are the only glow sticks in the world to ever do this? And if so, would you like to purchase my amazing physic breaking glow sticks?...

    ROTFL superstarshots! Love it!

    I need something that is faster

    Just wanted to let you all know - This really works. I just tried it (I got glowstick from a party yesterday). The only thing is, you have to place it in the freezer while it is still glowing! Why you gotta be so rude people? P.S. The vial in those glowsticks is glass, I figured out the whole chemical reaction thing in year 2, so you should all understand it.

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    It's not recharging like advertized, it's stopping the progress.