Picture of how to recognise a scam
there are hundreds of types of scams-fake lotteries and prize draws, incredible schemes to make money quickly, fake investment plans, work from home schemes- the list goes on and on.
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Step 1: The con

Picture of The con
how scam artists succeed- they will

catch you unaware
sound pleasant,well spoken and kind
have slick ,professional leaflets and letters
be over persuasive
rush you into decisions
ask you to send money before you receive their tempting offer or win

Step 2: The pitch

Picture of The pitch
they offer you something for nothing - such as

you've won a prize or lottery without entering one
an exclusive entry to a scheme thats a surefire way to make money
a way to earn easy money by helping them get untold millions out of their country
the chance to join an investment scheme that will make you a huge amount of money; and so on

Step 3: The sting

Picture of The sting
they'll ask you to

send money up front - an administration fee or tax , the list is endless but always a trick to get your money
give them your bank details and other personal information
ring a premium rate number
buy something to get a prize

Step 4: Ok so remember

Picture of ok so remember
remember don't let your self get suckered in or conned
share this your relatives and friends

and don't get conned