Picture of how to renovate a soundbooth cheap
find a soundbooth in serious need of help
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Step 1: Remove the old console desk

Picture of remove the old console desk

Step 2: Recycle the old desk and attach it to the wall

Picture of recycle the old desk and attach it to the wall
i opted to have the redesign of the console desk be such that it is floating off the floor,, i will intend to replace the carpet later so all equempment should be elevated.. this also helps keep the equipment cool and mitigates the collection of dust..

Step 3: Relocate the main amplifier bank

Picture of relocate the main amplifier bank
the main amplifier bank has loud noisy fans located inside of the amplifiers. it would help mitigate noise if the rear end of the amplifiers are located within another adjacent room..

so find a place and make a hole..

Step 4: Since we have no money...

Picture of since we have no money...
i went downstairs to the movers and asked if they by pure chance had a computer server rack that someone had excessed.

OMG.. Skore!
they actually had a half rack that someone had just excessed the day before...
(i love that cool purple dinosaur) ((for the younger crowd, he was in a childrens book and his name was Serendipity)

with the half rack, i framed out a stand then inserted in the wall...
perfect fit!

Step 5: Move the amplifiers

Picture of move the amplifiers
get them off the floor!
they have a new home now,

Step 6: Remove the drop ceiling? really?

Picture of remove the drop ceiling? really?
i was going to have contractors do this but 40 years of throwing cables over to make adhoc connections proved to be to much for the ceiling, as soon as i started poaking around, the mass of cables started to shift and the ceiling started to collapse..

so i started to pull out miles of old microphone cable and got to the real signal cabeling that connected the rest of the building to the soundbooth. the verified cables should be marked then coil up the leads and push them to the wall..

seeing th damage to the old drop acoustic ceiling, i decided to remove it myself and not wait for the contractors... it was a safety issue to start, then i realized i just save some money...

Step 7: Have the HVAC guys remove the air ducts

Picture of have the HVAC guys remove the air ducts
they pulled them out and cut them to the walls then added a grate..
ainsey118 months ago

This looks awesome!

I'm curious - how did it look when you finished?