Introduction: How to Repair a Leaking Gutter Union Joint (and Poly Tunnel)

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here's an effective way to carry out gutter union joint repairs 

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you'll need roof repair compound and weed control fabric. do not use bitumen, it is cheaper but it is not the best product as it is not sticky enough.

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a ladder stand off is needed

Step 3:

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for a gap like a window just strap on a piece of wood as shown

Step 4:

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cut the fabric to fit the gutter joint

Step 5:

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clean the joint, plain water is just fine

Step 6:

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previous pointless sealing with silicon

Step 7:

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joint clean and dry.

Step 8:

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keep the sealant in a bucket to prevent spillage

Step 9:

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joint clean and ready for sealant application

Step 10:

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apply the sealant generously, wear gloves as it is very very sticky

Step 11:

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then apply the piece of fabric pressing it down, the sealant must penetrate the fabric

Step 12:

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then apply another coat of sealant on the top. job done.

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this method is also useful to repair rips in a poly tunnel, you need to apply the garden  fabric on both sides (inside and outside)

Step 14:

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as shown earlier, it does a good job.


AndrewB1 (author)2014-08-17

yes there is I had a small leak the other day after pondering on the subject I came up with a solution (BEING A CYCLIST i HAD LOADS OF USELESS INNER TUBE) so I cut off a length of tube and unhinged the guttering placed the strip of tube in the gap of the joint where the guttering was laid and resealed it by clipping it back into place it works no leaks

robz40 (author)AndrewB12014-08-27

very good!

explosivemaker (author)2013-05-07

Very ingenious. I wonder if there is something else that can be used to apply it without burning a paintbrush.

robz40 (author)explosivemaker2013-05-11

DIY paint brush: stick, elastic band and a hair cut to the wife I would guess.... :-)

explosivemaker (author)robz402013-05-12

Next "how to pitch a tent"

Might just use a few pieces of thin cardboard. Seems more flexible than a shim.

Bill WW (author)2013-04-22

Nice work, Robz.
Never though of using the weed fabric, although there is a partial roll somewhere in a corner of my garage.
It became obvious to me years ago that using compound only simply will not work.

robz40 (author)Bill WW2013-04-24

Initially I thought of a rag or something but weed fabric proved to be ideal as it is porous, thin, pretty strong and made to stay outside for years anyway. It ticks all the boxes.

blkhawk (author)2013-04-07

Gutters should run the whole length of your house. Prior to have my gutters replaced they were butted together but, not like in your pictures. You did the right thing by applying a coating of roofing cement.

robz40 (author)blkhawk2013-04-08

Yes you are right. It should but that's the way it was installed years ago, now waiting for the rain not a hard thing to get in Britain. And you have a nice set of instructables.

blkhawk (author)robz402013-04-08

Well thank you for your kind words! I hope you fixed the leaky gutters.

robz40 (author)blkhawk2013-04-08

yes , tested last night with the rain, it works like a treat.

vincent7520 (author)2013-04-08

Well done !…
Step 12 :
Rest on the couch and watch Alfred Hitchcock's move Vertigo !!…

ballardbk (author)2013-04-07

Thanks for posting this. I have the same problem with my gutters. I've tried the silicon caulk, which was ok for about a year, but then it started leaking again. I'm going to try this, now.

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