to keep your self from getting bitten by mosquitos rub a dryer sheet on your neck,arms,legs,and face. it leaves a fresh scent leaving you beautifully scented.and repels all mosqitos

to keep nats away spray some hair spray on a papper towel and put it near the food you want to keep nats from eating.

                                                      hope this helps,            your freind pianolover10124353
<p>UHHH this might work for Gnats , it doesnt work for mosquitos (maybe certain species of them). I work in the Mosquito industry and have tried the sheets and have still gotten tore up, the county i live in has over 30 species and not all of them bite people , some only birds some reptiles others will bite anything . the best is remember the 4 D's Dusk,Dawn,Dress(long sleeves and pants)and Deet</p>
Rub dryer sheets on patio furniture also to repel insects, too.
ok im sorry i spelled them wrong its gnats, there like tiny flys that invade your bread,wine and fruits. here is a picture
Please define:nats

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