Introduction: A New Use for Your Used Scented Wax Melts!

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A way to recycle your used scented wax melts from your burners (Scentsy, e.t.c.)

Step 1: Reuse Your Wax Melts(scentsy Cubes)

  1. Burn the wax melts as you normally would until all of the scent is gone from them. (2-3 days)
  2. Take a glass jar and pour the used wax into it and continue to add to the jar until it is full.
  3. Carefully screw a wick into the center as far down as it will allow.
  4. Voila! You now have a recycled candle.


baecker03 (author)2014-09-05

don't have to buy a wicked. a piece of wood or cloth would do as well. once it becomes charred, the wax will be absorbed into the charred material and continue to keep the flame going.

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