Picture of how to ribbon presents!
a new instructable?...i have put down my knex guns for awhile and have been thinking what to do next it must be chritmas themed...well this is it! how to ribbon christmas presents!
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Step 1: What you need

you will need a present ready to be ribboned, scissors, ribbon, bows, tags, tape, a pen, and perseverance

Step 2: To start...

Picture of to start...
grab the ribbon and open it so you can pull it out from the inside of the spool do NOT! open it so it unravels into a big mess...

Step 3: Wrap the ribbon

Picture of wrap the ribbon
now get the present on the side that you want the bow to be on and put the ribbon over it lengthways, you may want to tape it if you find the next steps difficalt...

now flip its over and cross the ribbon on the other side...
now wrap each end of the ribbon around the other and pull the tight...

now flip the present over again and pull them parallel to one another...

Step 4: Decorate

Picture of decorate
now pop a bow on the middle where all the ribbons intersect

now you will need the tag, the tape and the pen write the tag and stick it on the present.

your gift is complete! now give to whoever you wish

i hope you enjoyed my sixth instructable if you like it comment and rate :D
wussap7 years ago
wheres the knex?
bedbugg2 (author)  wussap7 years ago
one of the tags is knex...
wussap bedbugg27 years ago
why did u put knex as one of the tags if theres no knex? but still thank you for the instructable now i know what to get my friends for christmas; a bowtie
That is why he is asking where they are. Tags are used to describe what is in the instructable. IE An instructable about chaining a dog would not have "iPod" as a tag.
Maybe he has knex, candles, lego, sticks, a bow and a cat inside the present :P
Then I would want it! lite the candle on fire by rubbing the two sticks together, then use the bow to tie the cat down so I can eat it later, after playing with the knex!
you know me7 years ago
Kaiven7 years ago
rs?...oh no...nononononononnnonooo...can it be?....maybe not...but, what if..? RUNESCAPE!!!! NOOOOOO!!! RUN FOR ITTTT!!! ADDICTION!!!!!
bedbugg2 (author)  Kaiven7 years ago
runescape? no rs components, i used to play that game though, got to 97 then quit, why do you play?
Kaiven bedbugg27 years ago
no...used to... my brother still does. he has a level...109? and a level...50ih? with one attack, one strength, and 68 defence :P:P:P:P
ojochris7 years ago
you have betrayed the knex community......... lol
bedbugg2 (author)  ojochris7 years ago
one of th tags is knex...
soooooooooo? lol
thebboy7 years ago
why'd you put this in the knex section? looks like a good instructable though. oo ya first comment.
bedbugg2 (author)  thebboy7 years ago
one of the tags is knex...