Picture of how to save money
This instructable will teach you some ways to save money by cutting down on the electricity and other things.By doing so you can save money and get yourself out of dept.(i wish i could get out)
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Step 1: Cut out the lights!

Picture of cut out the lights!
By now you should already know to cut out the lights and wash with cold water.

Step 2: Wash the plastic cups

Picture of wash the plastic cups
you know the red and blue plasic, wash em! dont wash the styrefoam cups dont even buy them.

Step 3: Candles!

Picture of candles!
use candles when you can because they save alot of money and make the place smell good.When your done blow them out.(you should know that!)

Step 4: Recycle

Picture of recycle
Save your old cans and plastic bottles. Take them to your local recycling center and collect your money.also if you have old car batteries take them to the junk yard and take your money home.Grow a vegetable garden and if you have alot of extra vegges go to the farmers market and sell it to make a cupple dollars. hope you enjoyed my instructable!