Step 2: Set Up Material/ Home the Water Jet/ SCORE!

Picture of Set Up Material/ Home the Water Jet/ SCORE!
Again, without going into too much software detail; home the waterjet to machine home, and get your first file loaded.  

You'll want to score before cutting, to keep the work holding simple.  Place bean bags around the edges of your material and run the jet around the outer perimeter of where your cuts will be made to ensure there won't be any conflict.

Material Setup:  This is very important for scoring, because this is how the water jet software calculates the speed at which the jet will move to scribe.  This information gets entered into the software menu when you load your paths.

I used 12 gauge mild steel for this example which is generally too thick to use with our sheet metal equipment at TechShop, but works fine after being scored.

Once everything is set up, it's time to score.  For steel, garnet abrasive is essential or you won't get enough depth in your cut; for aluminum, turn the abrasive off or the waterjet will probably cut through too much.

Scoring is loud and intense!  The water will shoot off the surface of the material and it's very important to set up all the shields to prevent the thorough drenching of our metal shop.