How to Serve Dr.steel





Introduction: How to Serve Dr.steel

this instructible shows you how to serve our world leader dr.steel

Step 1: You Will Enlist

go to website and enlist

Step 2: Propaganda

Send away for a free DVD copy of the propaganda film. Be sure to send a self addressed, CD mailer with enough postage paid so that it may be mailed back to you to:

World Domination Toys

Propaganda DVD

PO Box 3151

Santa Clarita, CA


Step 3: Missions

go to missions on the website


Every March 4th, Dr. steel's Army of Toy Soldiers embarks on a worldwide mission of fun.

Toy Soldier Day was established to commemorate the vision of a Utopian Playland and recognize the fine Soldiers who are making this vision a reality.

Reserved as a fun filled day with creativity and joy as its prime directive, March 4th sees the celebration of both the individual and the Army as a whole, utilizing this day to its fullest potential.

Whether it is simply spending the day doing something that the individual enjoys, or banding together with other Soldiers to organize a grand event, Toy Soldier Day reminds us all of the importance of having a good time!

Step 4: The End

this of the end (of the world)



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     General-NiKon here from Div. 509. helping Dr Steel brain wash the masses for years now, I'm going to post some stuff I've made for Toy Soldier Invasions, besides the usual propaganda, stickers, flyers, dancing monkeys. 

    I've always found Dr. Steel kind of... odd. But I visited the Dr. Steel fan table at Comic-Con anyway.

    *Toy Soldier Salute* Glad to see someone spreading the news!

    I don't feel as though I'm pretty enough to be a 'nurse' XD (I've been toying around with the idea of enlisting for a few months but I'm so darn wishy washy) Numerous skills including poi and a strange ability to convince people to join my cause but really I feel as though I'm not up to standards :p

    I am honored that you would choose to serve under Dr. Steel. On the doctor's behalf, I thank you.

    umm is this a joke... kinda freaky. mmm, brainwashing...

    no joke, really. enlist and you will undersand

    ah-hahaha! okay, now this site really rocks! i [heart] doctor steel!!