Step 7: Sew in the Pages!

Pin the pages into the center of the book! Make sure to pin well on both sides - felt tends to move lots when you sew it. :D

Mark the middle of the pages in some way - I'm using an air erasable pen! You can barely see the line in the first photo.

Sew down the middle of the pages, backstitching at the beginning and end.

Now you have pages! We're almost done!
<p>Easy instructions to follow and very quick even with the really unsuitable fabric I used :)</p>
I made it! Very easy, great instructions. I really enjoyed this even though the felt bent my needlle, live and learn. Next time use a jeans needle with felt.
I'm so going to do this! Except I'm going to add emery in the back cover to sharpen needles and a magnet in front so it doubles as a needle and pin catcher!!!
<p>This is a great instructable. I made a lovely needle book that turned out great and now my daughter is making one too. </p>
<p>Very clear directions and it turned out great!</p>
<p>wonderful instructions, thank you so much. Am going to make a few for my friends.</p>
<p>Well done! their lovely I made these years ago, you've inspired me to make them again for gifts. P.S I love the idea for the spacing with the tooth pick. Many thanks :)</p>
<p>Love your fabric choices, and the button closure! I made one last year, using light cardboard inside the cover. I used an old file folder, and cut the size I wanted using the manufactured fold to make it easier. To cover it, cut your cardboard to size, and 2 pieces of fabric 1&quot; larger on each side. Sew right sides together on 3 edges, turn right side out, and slip it over the cardboard. Then turn the open edges under, press, and topstitch around the whole business. Proceed as above to attach felt &quot;pages&quot;. I like having the cardboard in the cover to keep the needles from poking through. It's a very handy item! </p>
I did one too :-) keep all my Singer 66k needles in it.
<p>I just found this and love the simple way you explained it.. I'm going to make modifications and decorate (beads and embroidery) the covers but use your instructions. Thanks so much! A really fancy one would be a great present for some sewers I know too!</p>
I love this...I recently crocheted one, by making a rectangle strip. Put my needles through the stitches, rolled it up,closed w/matching button...and whala! I actually use this one. Wow! I can add an image in here.I'm new at this site. Yours is the 1st comment. :)
Another great hand made project!...Love it!!...
You're always so neat and precise with your sewing stuff... and you even pin stuff in place! <br> <br>I should learn to be less lazy. :) <br> <br>Did you see the ones I made for an upcoming speed challenge? I forgot to take a picture of the tree one.
thanks for this, the day after I saw your needle book I was at work and their needles were all thrown in the bottom of the tin they kept the sewing stuff being a fabric shop they have a lot of scraps of fabric so I used them to make one its thrown together but it works well, so cheers again :)
Wow! I've been needing a decent pinbook for a while now, but havent been bothered to make one. I guess your strawberry was getting old. (I was just checking out some of your old ibles)
Haha, yes, the strawberry was looking rough. One of my cats mauled it. :P
Did it think it was a real berry? <br>Nom noms! :P
Nice project. I have to say that I read your first paragraph as saying that your old needle books had felt interiors and an exterior made of cats fur. Ewww!!! Figured out what you meant after a second or two. :-)
I made a needle book and gave it away. Now I should try this method for me! Thanks for sharing.
Yeah you did... to me... and I love it! ;-D Thanks so much!!! <br> <br>Beautiful work, Jessy!!!
I did, didn't I! Happy you love it! Jess I love the fabric print you used! Our fabric selection here is pretty lame! Hope you both have a super day! <br>Sunshiine
You're welcome :D
wow so simple love it, I think I shall add that to near the top of my long list of projects, Love the fabric you used as well very cute, :)
Very good idea to keep this pins, needles and other piercing stuff in the right order! <br>Can be a good first project to do with my new sewing machine! <br> Gracias!
Definitely! It's super easy to do. :)
YAY! This will be in my sister's Christmas stocking this year! Thanks JRF!
YAY! You're welcome :D
Nice, I really need one of these.
You do! I think it might be the most useful thing I've ever sewn.

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