Picture of how to sew a seam

Sewing a seam is the most basic of sewing skills to learn! It's super easy to do, but there are a few things that will make your sewing go nice and smooth. :)

To prep yourself for sewing a seam, check out my "how to sew" instructable.

Step 1: What you'll need:

Picture of What you'll need:
For this project, you'll need fabric (I'm using 3x5 pieces of muslin for this - the perfect size for practicing), pins, thread and scissors.

If sewing by hand, you'll need:
If sewing by machine you'll need:
  • a sewing machine (this is mine - it's the best sewing machine I've ever had)
  • a bobbin loaded with the same thread you're using in the needle on the machine (mixing threads can cause problems with tension sometimes)
  • an appropriate machine needle for the weight of fabric you're using. Because I'm using muslin, I've got a quilting needle installed.

For both handsewing and machine sewing, I like to use a cotton/poly thread. It's a bit stronger than plain cotton. :)

JacobB18 months ago

Very nice tutorial, thanks a lot.

I needed this tutorial so I can sew a velcro pad to the roof in my car and mount a dash cam on the ceiling. It seemed more clean than drilling holes, haha.

Thanks a lot for this instructable!

hunter9991 year ago

Well documented and an easy turtorial. Thanks for sharing! :-)

foobear1 year ago

You make these tasks look so easy and beautiful! What is the advantage of the beeswax? Thank you

jessyratfink (author)  foobear1 year ago

It stiffens and smooths the thread a bit, so it glides through the fabric easier and won't loop around itself so much. :)

This is very useful, thank you for making this instructable Jessy! I had never heard/seen the beeswax before, at least in sewing, I need to look it up now!