Step 10: Stuffing Your Monster

this is a very simple step all you have to do is fill your monster with stuffing you can put as much in as you want what ever firmness you want. then you will want to finish by stitching up the one inch hole you left.
How do I make the panda!!!??
I do believe the term is "straight stitch," but running line works, too. :)
Wetting the needle makes it easier to thread the needle.
a lot easier
cute panda ...was looking for the pattern though
Same. I know what your talking about, but more pictures even if it to just drag out the ible. COuld use some work but i'm still looking for that pattern... -Cheers, Chris
please rate if like or not
Somewhat vague, though it is nice. i think i have the materials.all i need to know how to tie off a knot
coolio!!! I want to make a plushy just like my dog (except less droolier and quiter )
so, are we expected to make our own patterns or what?
i want
How to sew by <strong>Man Of Steel</strong><br/>
just for your information this is my first instructable
cute panda
You've got a good start, but you're going to need to to add in more detail about how one actually sews for this to be added to the contest. Can you focus a bit more on different types of stitches and applications of sewing?
Ohh noahw on an odd tangent, I'll be doing some repairs on my jeans with steel wire, worthy instructable (not burning questions) just sound good?
I agree with Noah. This is really cute, but is more like, "Hot to Sew a cute plushie", when people are probably looking for more of the principles of sewing. Also, I would love to see some more pictures of making the plushie along the way. The finished product is tres cute. :)

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