Few things are manlier than shaving with a straight razor, except maybe shaving with an axe.

Having never shaved with a straight razor before I decided if I was going to learn to shave with a single blade I was going to start in the deep end and learn with an axe. Go big, or go home. So, I sharpened a small felling axe to a razor's edge and then used to shave my face.

Tapping into my Canadian roots, I donned my toque and headed out to the woods to start shaving. Follow along and I'll show you how I perfected the axe blade, and the techniques I used to achieve a perfect shave in the manliest way possible.

Step 1: Angle of Axe Blade

Face razors need to be incredibly sharp in order to cut hair, but also to make a smooth glide over your sensitive skin. Axe blades, though sharp, have a much shallower angle as they are designed to split then wedge apart wood. Because of this you'll need to grind the axe blade from a shallow edge to a sharp edge, this translates to grinding a blade angle from 30-40 degrees to a razor sharp one of 10-15 degrees.

You can buy blade angles for kitchen knives that attach to the spline of the blade, but they don't make them for axes. Luckily we have a large sharpening stone at work with an axe jig and a blade angle.

After setting the desired angle and dialing in the sharpening stone diameter the axe is fitted into the sharpening jig and the jig is moved up or down to meet the desired angle.

You Sir are a straight up stud and my hero!
<p>WOW with the obvious weight of the axe, how were you able to shave without some serious razer burn. Bravo sir Bravo.</p>
<p>Hi Mike, hope you're well. I'm writing from the Discovery channel TV show Outrageous Acts Of Science. We came across your video in our research and we'd love to talk to you more about the video and potentially feature it on the show. Would it be ok to email me at alex.hughes@octoberfilms.co.uk for more info? Cheers! Alex</p>
<p>Next up, chainsaw.</p>
<p>I only use my <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Chainsaw-Blender/" target="_blank">chainsaw for blending</a>.</p>
OK, I'm impressed... I shave with a straight razor every day &amp; I'm not sure that I'd be able to do a job as well as you did!
<p>Thanks! It did take me over an hour, so straight razors might be the way to go :)</p>
<p>After trying this instructable... :) :D</p>
<p>Interesting instuctable ! I think you should do a followup instructable - How to suture LARGE GAPING Wounds while bleeding profusely! Good luck on the implementation. LOL!</p>
<p>Good grief! Why the hell would you WANT to shave with an axe?? </p>
This photo looks like a great mem on manliness.
<p>Filet knife works way better (I've dry shaved with mine), being the blade angle (depending on if you know how to sharpen your knife) is a lot closer to that of a razor because the filet knife is designed to get as close to the bone as possible and get right between the skin and filet.</p><p>With a really sharp ax you could cut a nice piece of face off because of the weight of the blade alone never mind thewewee awkward shape. But in a pinch I guess I'd use my ax. </p>
<p>In a pinch you would use the axe? I do not think that I would ever be pinched that hard.</p><p>LOL</p>
<p>A man could make a very serious error while shaving with an axe.</p><p>My chainsaw will remain my go-to appliance for shaving. It's a lot quicker, anyway.</p>
<p>And i bet you wont have to bother about shaving ever again after that!</p><p>Ingenious!</p>
Nice instructable but you should change the title: How to Change a Lumberjack into a Woman lol
<p>You mean without mens weaknesses?</p>
<p>Lumberjacks don't shave, or do they?</p>
NO! No they do not!
<p>They do.</p><p>My father has worked in the woods and timbered houses since about 1975, and he has been everything feomclean shaved to full beard, like me. As a house timber man use real sharp axes, where you can dry shave...</p><p>But they all use scandinavian snus, called weat snuff.</p>
I've found that you can keep a disposable razor sharp by honing it on a length of blue jeans. I cut up an old pair of jeans and keep a 2' section folded up near my razors for easy access. Only issue with using this method is if the razor has moisture strips it will wear them down faster. No worries just lather up with more shaving cream. <br><br>Well done ibble'!!!<br>Ill be going on an extended trip through Yellowstone in the near future and your shaving method might just do in a pinch. Thanks!
<p>This reminds me of Crocodile Dundee who, in one scene was shaving with a bic until the lady love interest was in sight at which point he switched to a huge manly knife. Why do this 'ible? Because we CAN. Awesome!</p>
<p>This is insane! And I mean Insanely Awesome... Some people may ask WHY? you would do such a thing, but the answer is simple: because you can! </p><p>May I suggest some more grooming INSTRUCTABLES? Nose and ear hair trimming with a 2-stroke motor string trimmer, toenail clipping with a press brake, blackhead removal with a jackhammer, and, perhaps, a vasectomy with a ride-on lawnmower?</p><p>All kidding aside, this is really cool...</p>
<p>Great instructable, but I think I will stick with my machete...</p>
<p>My father was a lumberjack before WW2. I bet he kept his axe sharp enough to shave with. He is gone now, but I bet you a dollar that he shaved with it during the Great Depression. Those were the Days!</p>
As a minimalist, I think this is brilliant. As an avid wet shaving straight razor user I deem this instructable unbeatable.
<p>I shaved with a straight razor for a while in my 20's, just 'cuz...And as sharp as I ever got it to be, it still was more difficult, a bit more painful, than an old fashioned double sided razor blade in a razor, or a disposable. I suppose that's part of the reason I have had a beard most of the last 40 years. Peter</p>
Interesting. It sounds like your honing technique or perhaps the grind of the blade could have been some negative factors. I enjoy straight razors and I swear my life on the use of them. I hope you try again one day.
<p>What a great Instructable. Kudos to you for actually using axe to shave.</p><p>I need to get a small axe</p><p>Load of You Tube 'sharpening' video's show hair on arms being cut but none show shaving - so if it is sharp enough to shave with, show it. (LOL). For a first ever axe shave your a hero. It should only take about twenty minutes next time. </p>
I agree with Onismith, besides it is not an ego trip, it is just something that looks cool and would be fun to try
Lol well, I love that this has certainly caused somewhat of a stir, and in my opinion, regardless of the fore comments... As soon as I saw this post I had a giggle and thought &quot;How Awesome&quot; I am a hairdresser by trade amongst many other things, so I'll tell you,I can appreciate the difficulty of attaining a fine sharp Edge!!! Well done For adding the humorous Manly Touch! Makes it so much Fun! I seriously Love your Posts!!! Please please Keep Up the Awesomeness ?<br>Let's stay positive here All, there's already enough Negative degradation in this wild &amp; wondrous World... We are the pinnacle of Creative Community in our lil InstructaRealm... Let's rise up not by stepping on each other's backs but supporting creative genius for venturing out of touch with Normality! Rise Up! ?
<p>This is actually a great tutorial on how to take a regular hardware store grade axe, one for light splitting duty, and making it sharp enough for felling and limbing.</p><p>If you're curious about the difference, check out &quot;An Axe To Grind&quot; from the US Forrest Service. </p>
Can you do a shaving tutorial on how to shave while fighting a bear? A friend if mine was thinking of tricking the bear into giving you the shave for free.
<p>Emh &quot;Tim Allen Grunt Noice&quot;</p>
<p>Nice but why axe</p>
<p>Chainsaw is too messy?</p>
<p>Nope, this is a perfect example of a great Instructable. Haters gonna hate. Well documented. If i ever wanted to shave with an axe, and I am pretty sure i will one day, I will definitely come back to this Instructable. Is is a great Instructable and this is exactly why this website exists. </p>
<p>Thanks!</p><p>I stall have the axe next to my desk, awaiting my next adventure in the woods :)</p>
that's a hatchet. not an axe. I think someone should make a tut showing the difference between a maw, axe and a hatchet. haha. But all joking aside. good job
http://bit.ly/1EjyZ1E There are hand axes. Not the same as a hatchet.
<p>Do you mean a &quot;maul&quot;?</p>
Lol yea. everyone I know calls it a maw. I blame the southern draw. haha.
No it is a single bladed ax a hatchet has a shorter handle.
<p>Just be glad that the US OSHA doesn't have:<br>1) jurisdiction over personal shaving</p><p>2) jurisdiction inCanada.</p><p>Yep, 2 pound weight with razor sharp edge held in wet soapy hands above neck. <br><br>Darwin award candidate.<br><br>but.... very manly. LOL<br><br>Can't wait to try this myself. .</p>
<p>I'm not even a dude but I saw this and I was like 'I need to know how this ends.'</p>
<p>maybe use the flap sander on the angle grinder to shave with.</p><p>every thing else has been used.</p>

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