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this instructable is my idea some will make it different this is how i make it. Also it only shoots stefans or cut down streamlines. I only did this because i was bored and saw a nerf recon.


recon (duu)
cpvc end cap
cpvc T
pvc cement
purple primer

Step 1:

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now take everything out of your recon you only need these peices

Step 2: Shell Modifications

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were to cut the shell.

Step 3: Assembully

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pics explain everything

now put everything back in how it was

Step 4: You Are Done

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now it is done and awesome may i suggust EPIC RECON!!!!!!!



Skye-R (author)2015-06-18

Nice mod

knexmaster9 (author)2014-10-19

cool man, 5 stars

JackDC2000 (author)2014-09-22

Please make an updated picture of the internals!!! This does nothing whatsoever without them!!!!

JackDC2000 (author)2014-09-10

Impressive mod! Since I am ever disappointed with my recon (even modded) I will probably try this mod!

frieza625 (author)2014-05-09

You put the bolt on the wrong side unless you're left handed.

baba4 (author)2012-02-28

why mod nerfguns

armored bore (author)baba42013-05-06

To make them shoot farther and faster, of course. That voids any warranty, of course, but they're not too impressive straight out of the box.

muffinman576 (author)baba42012-06-10

Why not?

Itchyzombie (author)2012-08-07

lol i love the way you just use tags for every thing. XD

jumpingcat (author)2011-09-27

it does a little but it only uses stefans. I like the sniper rifle feel though.

jdepaiva (author)2011-09-25

nice idea but does this increase range
because doesnt this decrese rate of fire

King Julien (author)2011-09-10

Ranges? I plan on doing this but using OMW spring and catch.

jumpingcat (author)King Julien2011-09-11

Well about 60-70 ft but with the OMW you will be achiveing. Much better ranges than me i didnt get that kit cause im running low on cash. Good luck send me a pic on my oarnge boared

sithlil (author)2011-09-08

wouldnt that make it shoot less with the air going into the handle?

jumpingcat (author)sithlil2011-09-09

well i said to put the end cap on the handle i just forgot it in that picture. But as you can see in the last and 1st picture it is there if you have any more questions feel free to ask. :)

OptimoGappi (author)2011-08-26

Pretty boss.

jumpingcat (author)OptimoGappi2011-08-29


jumpingcat (author)2011-08-29

thanks i drew it

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Bio: i like to mod nerf guns YaY
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