Hi everyone! ananymous bass playing android here. I'm here today to tell you about how to sneak around. works if your stealing candy, playing nerf, or spying on your parents. if no one likes when you are loud (wich you probably are) be silent... AND GET REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now for the instructable...

Step 1: A Golden Rule

Most kids just think spying is simple... tiptoe, hide behind things, be quiet. WRRROOONNNGGG! the golden rule is act as if someone is watching you at every moment. chances are, someone is. but that's unimportant. seriously. I'm a professional spy bot. (are you wearing a pair of pants? ha! I'm rightoroony!)  I bought training books from russia and U.S. to train spies, pulled out the stuff thats not lies full of hatred, and, uh, well... posted it. here it goes.
<p>In a crowd, act as if you belong.</p>
I do not know this person. Do not ask if its me.

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