Step 8: Challenge

See if you can memorize all the movements and what they'll do it only took me a couple of months of on and off work to get it.

try righting down all the movements and what they'll do on the cube like I did in this instructable so you don't have to be on the computer to do it. I did that and on the way down to florida (I live in ohio) in a car so I had like 11 hrs to do it.
<p>This thing was terrible and a waste of my time. This just confuses me even more.</p><p>&gt;:(</p>
<p>also i solve it blind folded in 1:29 seconds</p><p>can anyone enlighten me on how to do f2l</p>
Hey how old r u
<p>I appreciate your efforts here. I'm having trouble understanding what you are trying to say. I'm revising the grammar and haven't given up yet. Thanks for trying to help those of us having trouble with this.</p>
<p>what side do i start on for step 6 i am very confused and so close to finishing</p>
<p>Terrible tutorial, do you not care at all about proper grammar and spelling?</p>
<p>I also solve the Rubiks cube but i can solve it in 57 seconds need help getting faster</p>
<p>so stupid</p>
<p>Ton step #6 marche pas ou tres mal expliquer</p>
<p>pas vra</p>
<p>ton dernier mouve marche pas</p>
<p>Marche pas tes calice de cochonnerie</p>
i solve it but i want to solve it blindfold can anybody tell me how can i do this
i can solve mine around 1:30 or 2:00 flat i have only been doin it only 1 month
Nice hat's pretty good! I haven't been doing mine lately but my recorded record is 1:12 seconds!
<p>My record is 1:07 secs in one week</p>
<p>wow nice going burrito. Did u know there was this dude who solved it in 5 secs </p>
<p>that's the world record holder lol</p>
<p>HePlease me</p>
<p>Awesome! Thanks!</p>
I have made it at last! Thanks to u burrito!!=}=)&deg;^
<p>how can u tell which way is clockwise for the b and d?<br></p>
<p>i finally solved the cube thanks. :D </p>
<p>step 4 stuffs up the whole cube!<br></p>
<p>I CANT DO STEP 4 its sooooo hard</p>
<p>for easy steps go to this link : solve-cube.blogspot.com</p>
<p>for easy steps go to this link : solve-cube.blogspot.com</p>
<p>its soo hard to follow it i cant make it sorry</p>
I don't get the 4 step
Great solution! I learnt some nice Rubik's Cube tips to shorten my solving time...<br> Really nice tips!&nbsp; <a href="http://www.rubiksplace.com/rubiks-cube-tips.html">Rubik's Cube tips</a>&nbsp;<br> <br> majorson.
Solving a Rubix Cube is easy with video tutorials <a href="http://howtosolvearubixcube.blogspot.com/">http://howtosolvearubixcube.blogspot.com/</a><br><br>
i dont get it ahhh
please help! after i do one of the 4 corners, the other ones are spread all over the cube so there's no way i can do the move again. help please! so frustrating, almost there and then it goes totally wrong :(
After you do one just don't even look at the bottom of the cube only the top layer.<br> it will mess up the cube, to do the next corner jsut turn the top layer to the next one and do the movement you didn't use the first time, you just cannot use the same move 2 times.<br><br>If you use pic 1 first use pic 2 on another corner.<br><br>If you use pic 2 first use pic 1 on another corner.
oh, so it doesn't have to be another corner of the top layer? thanks, will try :)
hi! can u help me please im stuck on step 6. whenever i do a pattern it turns the corner in to the correct position but then it messes up the rest of the cube im not sure if its suppose to b like tht or not please help me! i tried a lot of times already >.<
&nbsp;Yes it will mess up the cube. But once that top corner is in place rotate the top 90 degrees and repeat until all four BLUE corners are in place. Which then you should only need one or two obvious turns to finish it
A couple of years ago I could solve one in 5 minutes. Here's a Challenge try it blindfolded.
I could never do it blind folded I don't know how people can realize exactly were every cubie will go?
<p>You can make one here<br /> <br /> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY---Rubiks-Cube---Blind-Mans-Cube---Metal-Rubi/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY---Rubiks-Cube---Blind-Mans-Cube---Metal-Rubi/</a></p>
hmm they looks it over and memorize the parts? oh and theres an easy way to have a blindfolded vid on youtube: blindfold yourself, get a solved cube, move it in random directions, then play the vid backwards.
yeah I know but that's lame and the reason that those people should be banned.
i have, i can usually solve the cube when i only look at it around 15 times.
nice, my record for the cube is 45 seconds.
sweet I just solved it today in 1 min 46 seconds. :) my average is about 00:02:20.
my average is a minute, haha! i win! just kidding.

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